WordPress SmoothGallery Plugin

This WordPress plugin helps you to embed JonDesign’s SmoothGallery in your blog.

Basically it’s this simple:

  • upload some pictures to a post or page
  • use the shortcode smoothgallery
  • set some options
  • watch your smooth gallery

You can download the plugin here.


Have a look at this example. Kudos to my brother and his friends for taking these awesome pictures; thanks that I may show them here. They show different scenes from the Bergpark in Kassel, Germany.

[smoothgallery imgsize=400×266]

I’m collecting real world examples where this plugin was used: if you’re interested have a look at the showcase page.

How to

Once you’ve activated the plugin you can start adding galleries to your posts and pages. I’ve split up this How to section into the following use cases.

Getting started

Adding a smooth gallery to a post or a page is easy! Try this:

  • go to the edit screen for a post or a page
  • right below the input field for the title click on Add an Image
  • upload some images and enter a sensible title and description
  • reorder the images however you want them
  • insert [smoothgallery] somewhere in the content
  • add a custom field named smoothgallery with its value set to On
  • hit save and click on View this Post/Page to see the result

If you’d like to customize the gallery check out the available options.

Activating the development version

If you’d like to use the latest version of SmoothGallery just activate it in the file config.php:

  1. add a # at the beginning of line 43 and 44
  2. remove the # from line 45 and 46

The plugin now uses the new version; currently SmoothGallery 2.1beta1 with Mootools 1.2.

iFrame it

Embedding the SmoothGallery inside an iFrame has several advantages:

  1. the JavaScript for SmoothGallery doesn’t interfere with incompatible frameworks like jQuery, PrototypeJS that you’re probably using on your site
  2. you can have more than one gallery on a single page

Just add iframe=1 as an attribute to the shortcode. If you’ve previously used the normal SmoothGallery and put all the options inside the custom field you’ll have to transfer these to the shortcode now. Say, you’ve got h:250 and i:false in your custom field then you would put this into the shortcode [smoothgallery iframe=1 height=250 showInfopane=false].

Note that you don’t need the custom field anymore; just remove it. Furthermore you can’t use the shortcuts, e.g. h for height, use the long version instead, i.e. height instead of just h. Finally you can’t even use : instead of = in the shortcode either.

More than one gallery

All you have to do is adding the shortcode [smoothgallery] several times to your content, with the iFrame option enabled. Have a look at the options on how to customize the appearance of the galleries.

If you don’t want to use iFrames for some reason have a look at this alternative solution.

A gallery in your sidebar or theme

I’ve created a separate page for this issue.

Some people want to do this because they’d like to have the images of the most recent posts inside a gallery; sometimes displayed in the header part of their theme. Read about this here.

Images from Flickr or Picasa

Your images are hosted on Flickr or Picasa and you want to show them inside a SmoothGallery on your blog? No problem, follow these two steps.

  1. Open the file config.php that comes with the plugin in an editor, search for ENABLE_FLICKR and ENABLE_PICASARSS and change the value from false to true for one of them or both. If you’d like to use Flickr make sure to supply your API key (FLICKR_APIKEY) and secret (FLICKR_SECRET) as well.
  2. Use the following attributes along with the shortcode:
    • flickrusername: supply your Flickr username and the most recent photos from your photo stream will be included in the gallery.
    • flickrphotoset: use this if you want to show images from a particular set of photos.
    • picasaurl: navigate to an album on Picasa, grab its RSS feed and supply it with this attribute in the shortcode.

Have a look at the examples to learn more about their usage.

In case you want to resize images on the fly there’s a parameter called imgmax that you can use. This parameter special to Picasa will resize the image to fit in the frame of SmootGallery. Here’s an example:

[smoothgallery iframe=0 width=640 height=480 embedLinks=false
 timed=true delay=6000 bordercolor=fff imgsize=640x480

Notice the imgmax parameter at the end of the picasaurl.

Using ReMooz to open the images

If you’ve linked to larger images in your SmoothGallery but don’t want them to open in a new window ReMooz comes to the rescue. Make sure to activate the development version first and keep in mind that this won’t really work if you’ve put SmoothGallery inside an iFrame.

Either add r:true to the custom field or add useReMooz=true as an attribute to the shortcode.

Generated thumbnails

If you’d like to use the carousel feature of SmoothGallery you’ll have to either generate thumbnails yourself or use the plugin to do this for you: just set ENABLE_GENERATED_THUMBNAILS in the file config.php to true. Furthermore make sure that the directory cache under smoothgallery/extra is read/writable by the webserver.

By default, the shortcode generates markup that contains a link for each image to its large version. This is great if you’d like to have a pure image gallery. If you’d like to setup a gallery, say, for your featured posts with a teaser image and a link to the corresponding post, you can do this like so:

  • go to Media Library
  • edit an image
  • supply a SmoothGallery link

and save. Once you’ve done that the image in the gallery uses the given URL.

For control freaks

If you’d like to have more control over the exact markup that gets inserted inside your page, maybe you don’t want to use the shortcode but insert everything yourself. I’ve prepared two starting points for you:

  1. under Advanced Options on the edit screen scroll down to SmoothGallery and use the generated HTML markup
  2. generate the markup with this tool

No matter what you’ll use, you’ll end up with some markup that you can start customizing. Check out all the available options for full flexibility.

You also might want to check out the tool box which has got useful wizards to ease the creation of compatible markup.


If you aren’t using iFrames and you don’t annotate your post or page with smoothgallery the CSS and JavaScript will not be loaded and the gallery won’t work. So, add a custom field with the key set to smoothgallery if you’d like to enable the SmoothGallery for a particular post or page. If the value is set to 1 or On the default values for the gallery will be used.

If you want to change the defaults you can use the following options. I’ve split up this section into options that come with SmoothGallery and the ones that I’ve added. It’s meant as a reference for you – so, if you’d like to change something you can look up the options here.

SmoothGallery options

Here are the most common options for SmoothGallery. If you need more: have a look at the top of the file utils.php that comes with this plugin.

OptionShort versionDefault value
showArrowsa, arrowstrue
showCarouselc, carouselfalse
showInfopanei, info, infoPanetrue
embedLinksl, linkstrue

I added some more options that aren’t part of SmoothGallery. They help you to customize the dimensions and other CSS related parameters.

OptionShort versionDefault value
bordercolorb, border000

Example for the custom field

With the following code you would end up with a timed gallery that is set to 350×400 pixels and has got a white border. This goes into the custom field named smoothgallery:


As you can see, you can use : instead of = too. Mixing the long and short version of the attribute names is okay.


The shortcode [smoothgallery] has got some more attributes. If you’re using the attribute iframe along with the shortcode you can use all the above plus the following attributes. Currently the shortcuts that may go into the custom field, e.g. h for height, aren’t supported here – use the long version instead, i.e. height instead of just h.
Please don’t confuse the following with the options that you can use along with the custom field – the following attributes are solely for the shortcode.

By default the shortcode uses the images attached to the current post or page. If you’d like to use the images attached to another post or page you don’t have to upload them again but just specify the id of the specific post/page with this attribute.
Add this parameter if you’d like to take advantage of a gallery inside an iFrame.
Adapt the background color of the iFrame. Just supply the color code without the preceding #.
If you upload images with WordPress thumbnails will be created for you. We can try picking up these images instead of the original version with this parameter. Say, you’ve set the Thumbnail size for your images under Settings – Media to 150×150 pixels. If you add the parameter imgsize=150x150 to the shortcode the gallery will display the thumbnails instead of the originals.
flickrusername, flickrphotoset
Either just supply your Flickr username and the most recent photos from your photo stream will be included in the gallery or add the attribute flickrphotoset to show images from a particular set. Hint: when you click on a set in Flickr, in the URL it says /sets/numbers#: that number is the one you should use with flickrphotoset.
Navigate to an album on Picasa, grab its RSS feed, supply it with this attribute in the shortcode and the gallery will use your images from Picasa.
You just want to show some images that are in a directory on your webserver? Open the file config.php, add your directory to the array inside the function getImageDirectory and add the attribute dir to the shortcode pointing to the path in the array, i.e. dir=0 for the first path, dir=1 for the second one and so on.

Examples for the shortcode

On this very page I’m using the following simple shortcode to generate the markup for the SmoothGallery:

[smoothgallery imgsize=400x266]

This will grab the images that I uploaded to this page for the gallery. The attribute imgsize says, that I don’t want to use the images with their original size, but the thumbnails that were generated by WordPress during the upload process.
Alongside this shortcode I put this into the custom field named smoothgallery:


This makes sure that the width and height are set accordingly; that there’re no links to the large versions of the images; that it’s a timed gallery with six seconds between the transitions.

As you can see some options go into the custom field and others go into the shortcode. In case you’re adding the iframe attribute to the shortcode you have to supply all the options that originally went into the custom field in the shortcode; this is due to technical reasons and the way iFrames work.

If I wanted to use an iFrame instead, the above example would become (line break just for readability):

[smoothgallery iframe=1 width=400 height=266 embedLinks=false
               timed=true delay=6000 imgsize=400x266]

Note that you don’t need the custom field anymore; just remove it. Furthermore you can’t use the shortcuts, e.g. h for height, use the long version instead, i.e. height instead of just h. Finally you can’t even use : instead of = in the shortcode either.

The images for the gallery can be imported from virtually anywhere: Flickr, Picasa or a simple folder on your webserver just to name a few. If I wanted to show the images of my photo stream on Flickr I would use this shortcode:

[smoothgallery flickrusername=27834774@N05]

Just showing the photos of a particular set can be done using the flickrphotoset attribute. The same works with albums from Picasa: browse the albums there, copy the corresponding RSS feed and add it to the shortcode with picasaurl.

Confused ?

Are you confused because of all these options, attributes, parameters, shortcuts and shortcodes? Instead of getting angry at all this stuff please just stay relaxed, read the FAQ or add a comment with your problem to this page and I’ll try to come up with a sensible response.

706 thoughts on “WordPress SmoothGallery Plugin”

  1. Great finding this plugin! Any chance of expanding your instructions a little more…?

    How exactly do you go about annotating your post or page with smoothgallery? Aside from the plug in being activated, are there other places code need to be inserted?

  2. Hi Andy,
    It’s not possible to integrate a SmoothGallery somewhere outside a post or page, i.e. in your theme’s sidebar, header or footer.
    I’ll implement this any time soon.

  3. Hi! I’ve been searching for a thickbox wordpress plugin..But sincerely I can’t understand how to use it on wordpress…Could you make an example for a post?

  4. Hi Ninaccio,
    sure, I’ll write something about ThickBox any time soon.

    In the meantime you can have a look at Andrew’s Shutter Reloaded plugin for WordPress: it is an image viewer that works similarly to Lightbox or ThickBox.

    Update: Have a look at another ThickBox plugin here.

  5. i make everithing you say i need to do to make this plugin works, but i can`t make this work


  6. WordPress 2.3.3 could not even activate the plugin.
    Error = Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

  7. Hi Boudia and ipeppas,
    I’m running WordPress 2.3.3. and the plugin works just fine.
    If anybody could mail me more details about this I might be able to fix it. Maybe it’s a PHP4 related error – I’ve tested the plugin with PHP 5.2.x.

  8. Hi Christian, could well be a php4 error, I’ll try it with php5, however I don’t really want to change my hosting right now, so is there any chance of a fix in an update?

  9. Hi Christian, 1.5 seems to activate fine, although nothing shows up in either posts or pages, It could be an issue with the theme I’m using, which is a mod of the upstartblogger minim theme.

  10. Okay, I just tried it with a blank theme, and it works great, Any idea why it won’t work with the theme i’m using?
    Thanks for all the replies and work on this plugin.

  11. yeah i’ve been trying to get this working, i even upgraded to PHP5 with the 1.5 version. It’s now activated but I can’t get it to show up. I’m gonna try a different theme to see if that’s the problem.

    :: efrain

  12. Hi, Christian and efrain, I just set the the values for the “insertSmoothGallery” function to the same as the defaults in the “get_smoothgallery_parameters” function. Being a total code butcher I have know Idea why, but that seemed to work.

  13. Hi Danny and efrain,
    if the function insertSmoothGallery doesn’t return false but an array the CSS and JavaScript will be inserted on every page – normally, you don’t want this.
    First, make sure that your theme has got wp_head() somewhere in the header and wp_footer() in the footer.
    If that’s the case add a custom field named smoothgallery to the post or page with your gallery. Of course, this isn’t necessary if you want to integrate a SmoothGallery into your theme: you may want to follow the instructions here.
    If the gallery is “weirdy lookin” in IE I think that you shouldn’t blame me 😉

  14. is there a way to permanently set the custom key of smoothgallery so that it is “activated” on the home/index page (not a post/page) without manually hacking the files (javascript and css calls) into the header?


  15. Hi jez,
    all you have to do is to implement the insertSmoothGallery function; you can find it in the smoothgallery.php file. If you want to stick with the defaults you would just replace the line saying return false; (line 49) with return array(); and the JavaScript and CSS will be included on every page. If you only want this on your home/index page you can use a conditional tag like is_home() or is_page():

    if (/* some condition */) return array();
    return false;

    Where some condition may be is_home or is_page('My frontpage').
    If you want to change the defaults, put some values inside the array like so

    array('width' => 45,
          'height' => 35,
          'timed' => 'false',
          'showInfopane' => 'false')

    This would result in a timed gallery without an info pane that’s 45×35 pixels.
    Note that it’s currently not possible to have more than one gallery on a page, e.g. say one in your header and another in your post. If somebody wants to do this I may implement it any time soon.

  16. hello christian,
    thanks for your detailed reply, as always I have used the time in between to berserk my way through, which resulted in the following:
    – moving the scripts & css folder to the root of the site
    – adding this to the header (.php)
    – using your cool markup generator to create the code and put it into place
    – then add the following directly below the code:

    function startGallery() {
      var myGallery = new gallery($('myGallery'), {
        timed: true,
        showArrows: true,
        showCarousel: false,
        delay: 6000
  17. I’m trying to get the image to be at the top center of the box, not center center. I tried in jd.galler.css:

    .jdGallery .slideInfoZone
    	background-position: top center;

    I’ve tried everything else I can think of, and I can’t get that image to move at all. Can you help?

  18. Hi Christian. Thanks indeed for making it easy to integrate smoothgallery into wordpress. As you can see here in http://www.rawvolution.net , it’s working great! I customized the values. No links, carousel, arrows, infopane but just the images.

    Javascript is way above my head and it’s the first time I implemented one like this. Your instructions, if followed properly, are very useful and works the way it says it would. 😀

    My only question is it does not validate on 1 particular line.

    Warning: Line 21: escaping malformed URI reference :

    I have no idea how to fix this line. It is dynamically generated in the

  19. Hi Christian, I have noticed that I still have to turn off visual editor when editing the page with the markup. I haven’t seen any other feedback regarding this issue, do most people edit without visual? Not that big of a deal; except that I do use visual editing for most of pages.

  20. Hi David,
    I think that most people use the visual editor, but that’s just a guess.

    You might want to try the TinyMCE Advanced plugin: I haven’t tried it myself but maybe it will give you more control over the HTML – check out the HTML/XHTML button in the menu bar.

  21. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your email response on the validation issue I mentioned the last time. Removing the spaces in the custom field values worked and the site validates already.

    Just to share with everyone…


    Value (no spaces)

    Thank you so much!

  22. Hi Christian, lovely work on this plugin, would just like to clarify one thing, that I was unable to gather from your posts.

    Am I able to have a slideshow in seperate posts?

    eg. Monday post about a concert, slideshow of concert photos at bottom.

    Tuesday post of random thoughts.

    Wednesday post about my fishing trip with slideshow of the days catch at the bottom.


  23. Hi Scott,

    Am I able to have a slideshow in seperate posts?

    Definitely. Just insert the markup in the post about the concert, the fishing trip or your last holidays, add a custom field named smoothgallery to these posts, modify the options if you’d like to and you’re all set. The gallery will work in every post.
    Just to make this clear: it’s not possible to have more than one gallery in one post – but it’s no problem to have a lot of different galleries in different posts.
    If enough people want more than one gallery per post I may implement it – but this might be complicated.

  24. Thanks for the response Christian, my only other problem is that I cannot get the slideshow to load in the theme that i have created. It works in the WordPress Default and Classic themes, but when switched to my personal theme, it does not load.

    The theme I have created is based on the Default theme (copied some code) and has got wp_head() in the header and wp_footer() in the footer.

    have used the custom field as advised.

    Is there anything that you can think of as to why it will display in the default theme, but not my theme?

  25. Hi Christian,

    nice plugin, its allready work in my blog. I’m newbiz for webblog, so I need ur help. can I load a different size photo to upload in my gallery with automaticly resize? for example: I have 2 landscape photo and 3 potrait photo, how can I do it? and how I can do create the link in another page like as Gallery?

    regards, totokah

  26. Hi Scott,

    If you want to integrate the gallery into your theme you don’t have to add a custom field to a post/page – you’ll have to implement the insertSmoothGallery function in the PHP script (named smoothgallery.php). There’s a short video that shows you how to do that.

    Basically, you’ll insert some if statements to check whether certain conditions are met, i.e. if you want to display a gallery on a page with the id 42 you’d write if (is_page('42')). You can add more pages like so if (is_page('42') || is_page('23')).

    If you don’t know how to do this or you’re not that familiar with PHP, tell me what you want to do and I’ll help you hacking it. Although I provide this support for free, I think donating some bucks would be adequate if I helped you solving your problem.

    Another thing that might apply to your situation is the problem with Prototype and Internet Explorer. If you’re using Prototype in your theme the gallery might not work in IE: I wrote something about this here.

  27. Hi totokah,

    if you want to show the five photos in one gallery, set the width of it to the width of the photos in landscape format and the height to the height of the photos in portrait format. This way there’ll white space above and below or at the left and the right depending on the photos. But that’s inevitable if your pictures don’t have the same size.
    I recommend that you show only pictures of the same size and format in one gallery; e.g. use the Gimp to edit the photos.

  28. Hello…congratulations.
    I have some questions.
    I have some problems with the wordpress wysiwyg editor . This one clear all tags…and I can’t use your plugin.
    how can i do for solve that?
    I saw on your video that you have not problem with that. And you have an especial editor. Can you talk about that? plis

  29. Hi, great job with the plugin!
    I’m currently having a problem: I’m running jQuery on my site, so I changed the value to “true” for SMOOTHGALLERY_USE_NAMESPACED. But when I do this, the SmoothGallery won’t show up anymore. Any idea why this happens? Thanks & keep up the good work 🙂

  30. Thanks for this plugin! but im having a little problem. I have several posts with smoothgallery, but in my frontpage where all the recent posts are, only the most recent post with the smoothgallery is displayed. Although when I click on another post, it shows the gallery in that single post. My site is sort of a newsletter site, i need to include images in my posts. please lend some help. thank you very much.

  31. Hi Leonardo and Marfeal,

    Leonardo: I haven’t tried this plugin on WordPressMU so I just don’t know. I’ll have a look at this any time soon.

    Marfeal: that’s the right 😉 behavior. I’m looking forward to fix this any time soon.

  32. Hey,
    I’m new here. and may I just act stupid by asking how does this whole thing works?
    I still can’t make sense out of it, I mean, I have this theme where smoothgallery is already integrated in it and I have no idea how to change the pictures and customise it.

    Your help is appreciated.


  33. Hi Jayef,

    […], I have this theme where smoothgallery is already integrated in it and I have no idea how to change the pictures and customise it.

    I don’t know either: please ask the theme author.

    If you want to use this plugin read this or watch that. Still not working? Leave another comment.

  34. Hey,

    First off, great plugin. But im having some trouble. I have everything working fine (here) but when i try turn the carousel on it makes it so that the slideshow is no longer displayed. Im turning on by setting it to true in smoothgallery.php and when set to false its perfect. Any idea’s?

  35. Thanks heaps Christian. Wasn’t expecting a reply within 24hrs let alone a reply with a video tutorial haha, great job 🙂

  36. Hi Marfeal,

    thank you very much. i’ll be looking forward to that “fix”.

    I’m sorry to tell you that I haven’t got the time to implement this feature. Having more than one SmoothGallery on a single page would add a lot of overhead and would be hard to implement.

    If you find somebody who implements this feature or you implement it yourself, send me a patch and I’ll add this to the plugin. Until then you’ll have to manually add the CSS and JavaScript for the various galleries if you’d like to have more than one gallery on a page.

  37. hello,
    does anyone know why the gallery is working only when implemented in the newest post on the page?
    if it is in the second or next it will not work unless you insert the custom field in the first post /not containing any galleries/.
    is integrating the gallery into the theme the only solution?
    thanks in advance for any comments.

  38. Hi art, Jacob and Garfield,
    art: it’s possible to have more than gallery on a page but I’m tempted to say that the implementation in WordPress is time-consuming. Currently, I’ve stopped working on that.
    Jacob: the JavaScript is missing on your page. Make sure that there’s a call to wpfooter() in your theme.
    Garfield: that’s looking great.

  39. Hi!

    Ich sehe in deinen Videos, dass du einen Mac benutzt. Ich selbst benutze seit jeher den Mac. Darum bin ich etwas verwöhnt was die Einfachheit anbelangt. Mein Verbesserungsvorschlag für dein Plugin wäre: Bilder vom Desktop auswählen. Die Bilder werden hochgeladen und automatisch eine Gallery erstellt. Man muss die Bilder lediglich in der richtigen Größe auf dem Desktop haben. Das wäre Top!

    Aber ist ja nur eine Idee. Ich finde dein Plugin auch so schon toll! Vielen Dank dafür und mach weiter so …

    Gruß Martin

  40. I’ve just selected your great theme LivingOS UPSILON 1 for my website but I can’t figure out where or how to change the photo gallery images and photo titles.

    I uploaded the folder smoothgallery into the plugin folder at the /wp-admin/plugins.php location but smoothgallery isn’t showing up to be activated. Did I even need to do that since the default photos are already showing quite well?

    Thanks for your help.

  41. Hi Kimberly,
    I’m not the author of this theme, it’s Tim Hyde. The theme and this plugin aren’t related to each other, so you don’t have to upload my plugin.
    Instead have a look at the theme’s folder. There’s a file extra.php and you can configure the gallery there. If you need help with that write me an e-mail or contact the author of this beautiful theme here.

  42. Hi Christian, thanks for the plugin.
    Is it possible to go into more detail on how to use the plugin on the home page or a page that is static? I read your reply to one of the comments regarding this issue, but I’m a novice when it comes to CSS so any additional information would be appreciated.


  43. Hello Christian,

    Thanks for taking my question. I have been using the Revolution theme for a website at http://www.trustpointlending.com. I have a SmoothGallery installed and works great as a plugin. You can see it perfectly in Firefox the far right column at top before the header. However in IE it makes that one column go wacko. Any advice. I am not an expert at this stuff so please if possible give me step by step. Thank you for your site and your advice.

    Most grateful,

    Jeff Payne

  44. Hi Christian,

    This is a great little plugin. Thanks so much for your efforts!

    However, I think WordPress 2.5 broke it somehow as the exact same code installed on a page does not work anymore. Sorry I can’t provide more details but maybe others have had the same problem.

  45. Never mind about that last post, my reinstallation was just incorrect. My university server just has complex settings, and changing those helped.

    Works perfectly!

  46. Hi Christian,

    Are there known issues in running smooth gallery plugin in WordPress 2.5 ? My gallery seems not to work anymore after upgrading. I see you also upgraded this blog to 2.5 and your example above won’t display as well…


  47. @Manny

    Is it possible to go into more detail on how to use the plugin on the home page or a page that is static? I read your reply to one of the comments regarding this issue, but I’m a novice when it comes to CSS so any additional information would be appreciated.

    You may watch the how to videos here.

  48. Just a quick note: is absolutely necessary to include in your theme, preferably in your universal footer before and maybe even within the last .

    Some themes are poorly designed and don’t include this call, which is absolutely necessary for embedded PHP to function.

    Try this before going through your wordpress install and disabling a bunch of things.

  49. Oh… one more thing, how do you get rid of the box that fades in at the bottom, when there is no title s description referenced? I’d actually like to have no arrows, or even the little light thing in the center showing, just the image fading. Is this possible?
    Thanks again!

  50. Ok, I figured it out, I added the following under custom field:
    it all works like a charm now!
    showInfopane: false

    I can now move to my home page!
    Thanks Christian!!!

  51. Hi David,
    great that you figured it out yourself, I wasn’t fast enough to respond to that 😉
    @Safari: no problems so far, at least not on my page. So I guess some other script causes this error.

  52. Hi christian,

    I have added the plugin NexGen gallery and then added the add on Smooth Gallery for it. I have created the gallery by specying [smooth=7, 400, 400, false, true, false, true]in my post. Am able to get the pictures on my post. But there is one problem. Instead of getting the full image in that 400×400 frame, am getting only some part of the entire image.(as my images are 1600*1200). But i want the entire image to be shown in that 400*400 frame(as shown in the example provided in this page). How can i get this done


  53. Hi dinakar,

    But i want the entire image to be shown in that 400*400 frame(as shown in the example provided in this page). How can i get this done

    Resize the large pictures to 400×400 pixels with some image manipulation program; I’m using the GIMP for this.
    For issues with the SmoothGallery plugin for NextGen you may want to ask your question here.

  54. I searched for a question or explanation on the image source location for the plugin but could not find. Is it possible to designated a folder for images to be drawn from for the slideshow or does the name of each image need to be manually typed in every time you add an image? I suppose the text has to be linked to the image in some way if you’re using that feature. So then how about MYSQL where images and text can be linked and stored, and then pulled into the carousel? Maybe this is the wrong plugin but I’d love to make it work this way, even if the text for the images are derived from each sub-folder that they could be placed in. I would much appreciate your ideas.

  55. Hi everybody,
    I added a new feature: If you’re using WordPress to upload images, attach the images you’d like to show in a SmoothGallery to your post or page and the markup will be generated for you. All you have to do is to copy and paste the HTML from the box saying SmoothGallery located at the bottom of the Advanced Options on the edit screen. Check out this video.

    Furthermore I setup a changelog here that should help you to track the changes better.

  56. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would like to say: great plugin and great videos, but… I’m having some trouble. I also am using eshop plugin but no js libraries. The error I get is:
    el.getElement(options.linkSelector) has no properties
    [Break on this error] link: el.getElement(options.linkSelector).href||false,
    jd.gallery.js (line 161)

    When I set SMOOTHGALLERY_USE_NAMESPACED to true in config.php line 29, my error changes to:
    $ is not a function
    [Break on this error] var myGallery = new gallery($(‘myGallery’), {…

    Any idea what is the problem?
    Thanks in advance.

  57. Hi Elle,

    The error I get is:
    el.getElement(options.linkSelector) has no properties

    This happens when the HTML markup for the gallery is missing a link to the large images. There’re two ways to fix this:

    1. don’t advice SmoothGallery to use the link to the large images by adding l:false as an option to the custom field of your post/page
    2. add an anchor tag to each imageElement in the gallery

    The code for solution two looks like this:

    <div id="myGallery">
     <div class="imageElement">
      <!-- ... other elements ... -->
      <!-- make sure that you've got the following line ... -->
      <a href="http://[...]/image.jpg" title="open image" class="open"></a>
      <img src="http://[...]/image_thumb.jpg" class="full" alt="Image" />
    <!-- ... -->

    The second error might be a problem with this plugin. I’ll have a closer look at this soon.

  58. Just a quick note, in the new 1.8 version, styling to align:right no longer seems to work for some reason. However, substituting float: right worked.

  59. Hi, I really want to use this plugin it looks great, but I am seeming to have some problems with it. If I just plug in the markup, I can see the images fine. However if I add the Custom Field everything disappears. I read up the page that I need to make sure that I have wpfooter() in my footer, but when I put this in I get an error that the function doesn’t exist. Is it supposed to be . I am using WordPress 2.5.1. And at present I am not using any other plugins. Any help would be much appreciated.


  60. hello
    when I upload plugin smoothgallery 2.0 in my “plugin folder” of wordpress I don’t show it in plugin page.

    If I upload 1.8 versione and paste code into the post I see image in normal mode and not with smoothgallery effect.


  61. Hi Matt, Giovanni,

    @Matt: yes, it’s wp_footer() like so:

    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

    @Giovanni: SmoothGallery and this plugin haven’t got anything in common per se – this plugin just bundles SmoothGallery and makes it available to WordPress; just uploading SmoothGallery won’t cut.

    […] and paste code into the post I see image in normal mode and not with smoothgallery effect.

    Make sure the following is true:

    • plugin is activated
    • markup for the gallery is in the post
    • post has a custom field smoothgallery
    • there’re no JavaScript errors (e.g. test with Firebug)
  62. for the life of me I cannot get this work. I don’t have much html experience but I’ve followed the instructions word for word and nothing. Also, your introduction video is “no longer available” so I don’t know if I’m missing something but I can’t get this to work at all. I am so frustrated right now -please help

  63. Hi Emilie,
    Since the videos are hosted on YouTube I can’t guarantee that they’re available 24/7, but the Introduction is still here.
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing frustration with this plugin. I’ll write you an email, so we can figure this out…

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  65. Hello Christian, Thanx alot for the plugin, looks great. Although it fails to work for me so far…
    I have two questions: do you plan to upgrade the mootools to 1.2? would you consider switching the slideshow script to Slideshow2? It’s a much more robust slideshow , I believe.

    As for my errors, firebug says:

    el.getElement(options.imageSelector) has no properties. 
    image: el.getElement(options.imageSelector).getProperty('src'),

    My html in the post says:

    <div id="myGallery">
    <div class="imageElement">
    <p><img src="http://play.daivmowbray.com/../image.jpg" class="thumb" alt=""/>

    Perhaps I need a link or anchor with each image, I’ll try that now.

    Thanx for any comments and/or help

  66. Hi twincascos,
    I don’t think that it’s a good idea to switch the slideshow script because a lot of people using this plugin want to have a SmoothGallery and I don’t want to disappoint them.
    That being said, Slideshow2 looks really great and it should be pretty easy to package it in a plugin.
    Regarding your problem: replace class="thumb" with class="full".

  67. Hi all,

    Has anyone figure out how to make the image opened in a lightbox-sort-of interface? This great plugin (when clicked) will open the full-picture in a new window, what i had in mind is for it to open in a lightbox interface.

    Any enlighment or assistance will be appreciated.

    Christ: you might want to include that feature in the next version 😉 –that is if its not already there and i simply miss something.

  68. Hi STORMizer,
    if Jonathan Schemoul releases a new version of SmoothGallery that works with Lightbox and the like I’ll add this to the plugin as soon as possible.

  69. hi,
    this plug-in is really nice. I was wondering if there is a way to remove the black border that shows up on the images? Thanks!!

  70. Hi Ray,
    first off, thanks for writing the 100th comment 😉
    I just packaged a new release (1.8.1) that allows you to set the color for the border. The default is black but if you’ve got a white background you can remove it by adding b:FFF to the custom field smoothgallery.

  71. Hi Christian,

    thanks for the plugin I have implemented it on some of my sites and it works great. For a client I would like to use his Flickr account as the main source of images. Would that be possible (in a future release?) with this plugin?

    your thoughts on this are appreciated!

  72. Is there a way to make the center link to a post instead of to the image itself. I would love to have the slideshow on my front page and people could click through it to reach an archive they like…. I hope I am explaining what I am wondering. I feel pretty clueless but I love the plugin! Thanks! Martha

  73. Hi Martha,
    yes you can do that: just replace the link to the large image with a link to your archive page. So instead of this:

      <div class="imageElement">
        <h3>Wedding Cakes</h3>
        <p>Have a look at my Wedding Cakes.</p>
        <a href="http://[...]/cake.jpg" title="open image" class="open"></a>
        <img src="http://[...]/cake_thumb.jpg" class="full"
             alt="Wedding Cake" />

    you would replace the link in the href inside the a-tag with something like the following:

      <a href="http://marthathecakelady.com/?cat=4" title="open image"

    I hope that helps!

  74. I’m trying to put this onto the homepage of my games reviews website http://www.nometet.com but was having a little trouble, so, I looked at your videos but the one that explained how to get started was “unavailable” – could you re-upload it?

    Thanks for making the plugin!


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  77. Where is the config.php in WP 2.5?

    You can’t see the gallery and you’re using Prototype or jQuery on your site? Then you’ll have to change the value SMOOTHGALLERY_USE_NAMESPACED to true. You can find it in the file config.php on line 29. If you don’t use one of these frameworks set it to false; that’s the default.

  78. Hi Christian

    Thanks for the plugin, still trying to get it to work tho.

    I’m getting a Javascript error in mootools.js on line 3, which is the following:

    Element.Styles[style].push is not a function e("Top")

    The page is not showing up any of the images.

    Hope you can help me out


  79. Need help – plugin does not work in WP 2.5. Returns this error:
    plugins\smoothgallery\smoothgallery.php on line 94

    And another question – is there a tutor/documentation that would explain how to use this plugin (the vid it seems has gone)

    Is it possible to get somewhere instruction step by step? – things here are a little confused…

  80. Hi Joel,
    have a look at this comment: you can download two of the videos from the given locations.
    The step-by-step instructions are on the top of this page. Basically it’s inserting the HTML markup and adding a custom field named smoothgallery to the post/page.

  81. I am making a website for my mom, using WP 2.5.1. and the livingos-upsilon-1 theme which incorporates smooth gallery. Uber cool, but here’s my problem.
    The pictures appear and roll fine on the about me page (which I have set as the static start page) and the home, but it hangs up on any other page or post. I have checked the code the best I know how to and it seems right….any advice? Also, one of the original pretty pictures (that came stock with the theme) seems to flash as I navigate around prior to showing my custom ones and/or prior to getting hung up in limbo. Don’t know how to get rid of that or fix this problem….hmmm….What am I missing?

  82. hi,

    thanks for this plugin..
    its really amazing, ive used this plugin to one of my websites..

    just one question, is there a way to increase the length of the description?

  83. Hi julxz,
    there’re three things you can do that come to my mind: increase the size of the infopane, reduce the size of the descriptions font or do both.
    You’ll just have to change some CSS and here’s how it works. Open the file jd.gallery.css from the directory css; you can find it in the plugins directory. Then:

    1. locate the stanza .jdGallery .slideInfoZone and change the value height to say 80px. This’ll increase the size of the infopane.
    2. find the stanza .jdGallery .slideInfoZone p and change the font size to say, 50%.

    While the latter isn’t such a good idea, the first option seems to be a nice solution.

  84. thanks christian,

    this would really work.. what i will do is just increase the size of the infopane..

    thanks for this plugin, its really amazing..

  85. Hi Christian, great plug-in… I just can’t get it to work.

    In Firefox, WP2.5, plug-in activates fine, appears to work (generates the html), but refuses to display on the page.

    Not trying to integrate into the theme, just a page.

    The correct calls for header and footer are included and I have no other plug-ins installed. Using a theme called Cutline 3-Column Split. The page source shows the javascript within the footer: You can see the source @ http://bikes2trikes.riverstrucking.com/.

    I just can’t make it work…

  86. I run a website and have managed to incorporate your fantastic plugin on the fontpage, currently only on my test page http://test.detvarjofint.net/

    It works like a charm, except one thing. The title is displayed in light grey in Firefox and Opera, but in IE they are in dark grey. See example on http://test.detvarjofint.net/smoothgallery_FFvsIE.jpg or just vist http://test.detvarjofint.net/ with the different browsers.

    I think I might be able to do something with CSS, but I suck at that. Anyone to any tips?

  87. (sheepish grin)
    and THAT’S why i should get more sleep.

    Thanks for the pointers, looks like that was my problem.

    You do great work. Compensation forthcoming!!

  88. Also one more thing. I have implemented carousel, and it seems to be working, except for one thing.

    Jons page say I can use textShowCarousel: ‘My new text’ to change the text, so not to show “Pictures”.

    So I implemented that in my config.php, it’s now like this, but the text don’t change.

    function insertSmoothGallery() {
      return array('width' => 466,
                   'height' => 175,
                   'timed' => 'true',
                   'delay' => '10000',
                   'textShowCarousel' => 'Snarvei',
                   'showCarousel' => 'true');

    That should work, right?

  89. Hi Frank,
    the different colors seem to be a problem with the CSS on your site. I’ve got the same problem on this page too: IE uses the color for the default h2 element and not the specific one for an h2 element inside the imageElement of the gallery. So since my headings are blue, the title for the images inside a SmoothGallery is blue too in IE. The bad thing is, that I don’t know how to fix this, but it doesn’t bother me too much either. Sorry.

    textShowCarousel […]
    That should work, right?

    Yes it should. This is one of my top todo items for the next release.

  90. Think I found a solution, even if it’s strange.

    In the file jd.gallery.css I went to the section .jdGallery .slideInfoZone h2
    and changed color: inherit; to color: #fff; and then I got white text in IE7.

    Don’t know why that should work, as the title uses h3, but as long as it works I’m happy.

    And lastly just a thanks for your plugin. Love the nice work you put in to make using WordPress easier for the rest of us.

  91. Hello Christian! This looks like a great solution for what I am looking for! All though I am such a noob and implementing it all seems like a scary task LOL. Couple of questions:

    1. In the above example, when you click the center of the picture the full size picture opens. Is there a way to arrange for the picture to open full size as seen here at lightview plus / lightview-en. I want my viewers to see some pretty big photograph without them having to leave the front page.
    2. Has anybody incorporated this smoothgallery system into the new “the morning after” theme, if so, any links?

    Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  92. Hi Cliff,

    1. Other people asked for this feature too, but currently this doesn’t work with SmoothGallery. Since Lightview uses Prototype.js it isn’t compatible with SmoothGallery anyway – maybe this gets fixed.
    2. Adding a gallery into a theme isn’t that hard: just read this page and if you need more help, write me an email and we’ll figure it out.
  93. Hi Christian,

    I’m using WordPress with your wonderful plugin!
    My aim is to show two or more smoothgalleries on the startsite of my blog. I already looked at your video about inserting two galleries on a single page. Is there an easy way to do so in WordPress?

    Thanks for your reply!


  94. Hi Michi,
    I started working on this, but I haven’t got the time to finish it. In the meantime you’ll have to manually add the links to the CSS and JavaScript. As soon as I’ve got it working, I’ll announce the solution here.

  95. hey christian,
    i LOVE this plugin.. I have a question, can i link to specific photo in the middle of the set and have the plugin still work? Say I have 30 pictures and on some random blog page I want to link to picture 15, but still have the riht and left arrows come up.. Is this possible?

  96. I can’t view this specific page in Safari. It’s missing a tag. See here.

    Please fix it so I don’t have to use a different browser 🙂

    Also, from what I’ve seen, SmoothGallery looks very nice. I’ll be using it on wackos once I get it up.

  97. Hi Jeff,
    this page is now valid XHTML again but Safari doesn’t seem to render it right ;-(. Currently I’m very busy but as soon as I’ve got more time I’ll fix this.

  98. Hi Christian,
    I have the gallery going here: http://www.hollisbible.org/
    Thanks for the help! I was wondering, are there any specific control options for individual picture timings, or do you have to have the same time on everything?
    It would be nice to have some stay up a little longer.
    Thanks again! David

  99. Oh, one more thing, Jon’s page mentions “Don’t forget to make a “cache/” folder that is world writeable, so the script can cache your images” Does your plugin incorporate this?

  100. Hi David,
    I checked the JavaScript and there’s just one global delay for every image. You’ll have to increase the timing to a reasonable value that fits all images.

    Don’t forget to make a “cache/” folder […]

    The plugin doesn’t incorporate this because I thought that making my own thumbnails wouldn’t be that hard. Since this feature sounds really handy to me now, I’ll put it on my todo list.

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  102. As mentioned by many of you, Smoothgallery is not compatible with prototype.js. I love SmoothGallery and I use prototype.js for However, I have found a cheap PHP workaround that allows me to have both scripts on my website. SmoothGallery is working here while the Lightbox is working here.

    In case you are wondering, all I do is add a PHP if statement in my template to check if I am in the home page or not. If I am in the home page, I only load the JavaScript for SmoothGallery. If I am on any other page, I load all the other JavaScripts. This is working very well for me and should work for you too if you have the same setup. If you need more help, contact me here.

  103. Hi!

    Love this plugin! I have 1 question though…

    I am wanting to have an album, with the thumbnails of each gallery, that when the thumbnail is clicked, it opens the smooth slideshow directly. How would I do this? I would also like it to open up in a new page/page template, as the structure needs to be quite different.

    Is this possible?

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  105. i really like this plugin but it’s giving headaches trying to configure the CSS. How can I easily change the style of the title and description. I am trying everything i can but i still can’t figure out how all this works. I have huge margins at the top of the title and if the slideinfozone is not big enough, the description won’t show up at all. Please someone help!

  106. Hi Sebastien,
    if you want to change the CSS do so by editing the jd.gallery.css file under wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/css directly. If you think that you’re changing things that everyone might want to change, I may implement a nice way to configure this, so you don’t have to edit the CSS file. I haven’t done this yet because I don’t want to clutter the plugin with too many special options.

  107. Christian,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I already tried to edit this CSS but it won’t apply most of my changes.

    It seems some of the styling is tied to my wordpress theme CSS. Is that the case? For example, when smoothgallery is live and running, I have a top margin of 15px for the h3 tag and I want to get rid of that. When I look at wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/css, there is nothing showing a top margin at all but I know I have such a style applied in my tags in my theme’s CSS. Does that make sense?

    Being able to really customize the style of this great plugin is the only thing that stops me from using it so far.

    On another note, speaking of options, it would be great if all these options could be configured from WordPress admin panel directly, without having to deal with the config.php file. Ideally, you would just call smoothgallery in your template with one simple line of code and everything else would be set from the Admin panel (images, titles, descriptions). That is for future releases though 🙂

  108. Hi Sebastien,

    It seems some of the styling is tied to my wordpress theme CSS. Is that the case?

    Yes, that’s true. The CSS for SmoothGallery doesn’t change very much – this way it should integrate seamlessly into most themes. If you really need to change something, make sure to be as specific as you can with new rules, i.e. don’t add a stanza just for h3 but for #myGallery .imageElement h3. With the latter you’ll be able to overwrite the CSS of your theme.

    On another note, speaking of options, it would be great if all these options could be configured from WordPress admin panel directly, without having to deal with the config.php file.

    Currently you’ll have to change something in the config.php if you’d like to integrate a SmoothGallery into your theme. Maybe this gets replaced with a widget that you can put into your sidebar in the future, but I haven’t figured this out yet.
    The next release of this plugin adds a shortcode that generates the markup for the gallery. You just upload the images via WordPress, adjust the title, caption and description, add [smoothgallery] somewhere into your content and the SmoothGallery will show up. If you decide to change the description of an image later, the gallery will reflect this immediately.
    I’m not really convinced by idea that every plugin should have its own admin panel. If WordPress offers a way to do things, I don’t think I should reimplement this. I admit that it’s not that easy to integrate the gallery into your theme – let’s see whether we can use a widget for that. For everything else integration should be as easy as possible, no admin panel, no config files, only the shortcode and some options in the custom fields.
    But stay tuned, I’m redesigning this page and everything else, that’s connected with this plugin to describe all this in more detail.

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  111. Hallo Christian,
    als erstes vielen Dank für das wirklich tolle Plugin.
    Ich hab leider ein paar Probleme das ganze einzubauen.
    Bei mir scheinen die Bilder in der Linkleiste zu erscheinen und nicht da wo die Bilder eigenlich dargestellt werden sollen. Kann ich diese Leiste auch ausstellen, oder würde sie gar nicht erscheinen wenn ich keinen Linktext eingebe?

    hier mal ein Screenshot das ganzen :

    Und noch eine andere kurze Frage, vielleicht weisst du da auch rat. Sobald ich den Schlüssel “smoothgallery” eingegeben habe um die Gallery anzuzeigen funktioniert mein Mootool Accordion Effekt nicht mehr.
    Vielleicht weisst du ja spotan auch woran das liegt.

    Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe!

  112. Hi Christian,

    great plugin for sure!
    My problem:
    I have an article containing a smoothgallery. It works fine.
    If i now add an article to my page(headline:test, text:test), all
    the pictures of the gallery will be shown seperatley without the
    format of the smoothgallery.

    Any idea why?

    Thanks for your help!


  113. Hi there Christian!
    I really love you plugin! Thanks a lot for your support and help to the WP community!
    I´m having some problems to use it on my website. I´ve followed all the instructions and it works fine on IE 7 and Google Chrome browsers, but no success in Firefox 3.XX.
    The strange thing is that if I use another theme it works gr8, but in the theme I´ve choose to design my web site it refuses to work. I´m using the Portfolio Press 1.0 by Jai Nischal Verma (http://www.blogohblog.com/wordpress-theme-portfolio-press/). I´ve lost 3 days trying to make it works but nothing till now. Could you please give me some help on it?
    THanks and Regards,

    Valdecir Carvalho
    São Paulo – Brazil

  114. Hello Christian I’m jaz from Indonesia really love your plug in, I’ve been trying like hell for this five days to use your plug in, but had no result till now, what did I possibly wrong…, I’m trying to use it on my new interior design site of mine http://www.belleinterior.com, really love to get a litle bit help here….

    Thanks a bunch.

  115. Hi Ryan,
    The JavaScript isn’t included in the footer. Make sure that your theme has got a call to wp_footer(); in the footer. In the admin panel go to Design -> Theme editor and click on Footer (footer.php) – make sure you can find the function call there. If you can’t find it, insert it somewhere above </body>.

  116. Thanks!!! I’m new to theme development and inserted wp_header but not wp_footer… PERFECT!

    Oh, also I’m using jQuery a little bit on the page BUT it still works in a WordPress post… The integrated bit also works if there’s a wordpress post on the page that has a gallery…

  117. Hello Christian,

    I gave another try to your plugin and after spending a while trying to configure it, I finally got the plugin to work.

    Now I want to customize the text for Header and Description but I am having issues. In a previous comment, you told me what to do to customize the stylesheet but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. By the way, I am no programmer. I just now some very basics so don’t assume too much…

    You may view the plugin in action at http://www.iForIphone.com (that’s my test site), in the right sidebar.

    Images display correctly but I want to change the text color.

    Here is the situation. The plugin is in a box in the sidebar. Formatting for this sidebar depends on 2 stylesheets: the “normal” style.css and another stylesheet specific to the boxes in the sidebar (dbx.css)

    Here is what the code of smoothgallery embedded in my sidebar looks like: Sorry, WordPress removed the HTML code.

    I tried everything I could think of but without success. All I want to do is have the text displayed in white, centered on the left, in a slightly bigger font.

    Would you be able to help me, please?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.


  118. Hey Christian,
    Me again….
    I use the SuperCache plugin and when it is activated, SmoothGallery doesn’t work anymore and display all my images in a column (instead of displaying as a slideshow).
    Is there a way around this?
    thank you

  119. Hi Sebastien,
    try deleting the cached and expired pages. Reload your site and it should work fine. If the problem comes back after a new post, go to Settings – WP Super Cache and check Clear all cache files when a post or page is published.
    I’m using WP Super Cache too and it works great here.

  120. Hi Christian. Really nice plugin you have here.

    I’m really new to wordpress and was looking forward to implement SmoothGallery in my theme. Unfortunately, when I insert the function in config.php, all the pages turn blank. I believe it may be because I can’t find any reference to wp_footer / wp_header in the respective files?

    Can you please explain more thoroughly how one can add the calls both in the header and the footer? As I said I’m really a newbie and still trying to learn my way around some of the features. It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  121. Hi Christian, I just updated the plugin.
    Now when I save a post/page with the gallery I get this error:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_extra_smoothgallery_parameters() in /[…]/smoothgallery.php on line 224”
    The gallery still works -but I’m having problems changing the default values (don’t know if that’s related – but I was able to change them before)
    Thanks for your work on this plugin!

  122. Christian, just letting you know that the gallery is now up and running on my blog. 😀 Indeed, the Dilectio theme didn’t have the call to wp_footer in footer.php. After adding it the way you described and updating the plugin to its newer version it all works flawlessly. Thank you so much for your help!Ah, just one more thing: is it possible to change that tooltip you see when hovering over the image in a gallery (“open the image”)? When you have a little spare time let me know. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  123. Hi André,

    […] is it possible to change that tooltip you see when hovering over the image in a gallery (”open the image”)?

    Although this isn’t configurable with a parameter, you can change this tooltip like so:

    • instead of using the shortcode insert the markup for the gallery into your post or page directly. Use the generated HTML code under Advanced Options on the edit screen as a starting point.
    • once you’ve copy and pasted the markup into your content change the title attribute inside the a tag to whatever tooltip you like.
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  125. Hi Christian,

    when activating the plugin the following error occurs:

    Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated – argument passed by value; If you would like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of [runtime function name](). If you would like to enable call-time pass-by-reference, you can set allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI file. However, future versions may not support this any longer. in /mnt/web4/40/61/5469361/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on line 238

    I’m using WordPress 2.6.3 with your plugin version 1.11.

    Any idea?

  126. Hi Michael,
    I’ve just released version 1.11.1 that fixes this small bug.

    The reason: I accidentally specified to pass a variable by reference at call time. Since my PHP installation isn’t as picky as yours I didn’t notice this warning.

  127. We’ve installed SmoothGallery on a 2.7 RC1 install of WP and I can’t see where to change SmoothGallery options/settings.

    Where should I find the admin page for SmoothGallery?

  128. Hi Christiaan,

    Where should I find the admin page for SmoothGallery?

    There’s no admin page. You can change the options for every gallery by supplying parameters to the custom field smoothgallery or by adding attributes to the shortcode.
    This is a very flexible solution because you can have many different galleries without any hardcoded settings that every gallery has to use.

  129. As I see the problem has been posted already.

    Same here. The default settings will do perfectly if it’s the latest post on the blog or if I view the article with the gallery separately.

    The iframe version makes an unviewable little box and does not respond to any option I include about the size of the pictures.

  130. Hi Christ, the plugin is so cool, i’ve put script to show carousel, but i didn’t show, and how to add more “picture” on carousel ?

  131. I am trying your plugin with 2.7 in Spanish and I have the following problems:
    1) The smooth gallery markup box continues to say that I have no images in my page although I do
    2) The smooth gallery does not appear in the site after I update the page.

  132. Hi Michael,
    to answer your questions:

    1. After adding the images you’ll have reload the edit screen. The SmoothGallery panel under Advanced Options won’t pick up the images until you hit reload in your browser or click Save. There’s no AJAX magic involved here.
    2. Have you added the shortcode smoothgallery? In case you didn’t supply the attribute iframe=1 did you add a custom field named smoothgallery to the post/page that you’re editing?
  133. OK, after going back and redoing everything with a refresh it works only if I use the cut and paste from the SmoothGallery panel. If I use just the traditional shortcode approach I end up with a very very ugly page where my images are all visible and the smoothgallery appears above everything else with the loading bar inside.

    Also, there are mp3 and videos appearing in the gallery code – is there are way to permanently remove it?

  134. Hi Michael,
    at the moment the shortcode uses everything that has been attached to a post/page. Of course this isn’t very smart and I’ll try to improve this in the next release.
    Until then please use the generated markup under Advanced options on the edit screen.

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  136. Hi Jonatan,
    the CSS is missing. Try accessing the URL to the third stylesheet from your HTML head and you’ll notice that it returns a HTTP 403. Somebody else had this problem too and I found a solution: just after prefix in the URL try replacing http with, say, htp – the latter will return the stylesheet. This isn’t a real solution because the URLs in the stylesheet will start with htp.
    I’m not sure whether the plugin should provide a workaround for this. I guess some mod_security or mod_rewrite magic is going on – try excluding this specific URL and everything should work as expected.

  137. Hi,

    I need your help. I used the iNove theme, but your plugin cannot work… How can i fix that and your plugin can run in this plugin. Sorry for my English 🙂

  138. Dear Sir, i solved the problem… I upgrade the theme to new version.. Thanks for your attention..

  139. Hi Christian, Love your plugin, but iframes seem to be forcing the slideshow to show at 150×150.

    See: http://wedoonline.org/category/learn/view

    Can I have a normal sized gallery (as the non-iframe gallery below) while using iframes? It’s very important that I show more than 1 gallery on a page!

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Running WP 2.7

  140. Hi Matt,
    I’m sorry that the description isn’t very clear about this but you can specify the width and height of every gallery in the shortcode like so:

    [smoothgallery iframe=1 height=100 width=200]

    This way you can have a lot of different galleries on one page. Try using imgsize too and you can use the thumbnails that WordPress generated for you.
    BTW: the options in the custom field don’t affect the shortcode if you’re adding iframe=1 to it; they’re only used by the gallery that’s on the current page, i.e. not inside an iFrame.

  141. Thanks for your quick response, Christian. Perhaps you should update your documentation? I found that using both imgsize and height and width inside the shortcode did the trick.

  142. Hi Christian. One more question for you: using iframe, is there any way to modify the order of the slideshow? The code provided at the bottom won’t use iframes, correct? I have tried changing the order of the gallery via the wordpress image uploader interface, but it seems that smoothgallery identifies the original order of the uploaded gallery and does not respond to order changes in the wp image uploader. Any thoughts?

    Thanks as ever, Matt

  143. I see. How is the original order determined by smoothgallery? can i control the order of files uploaded to make sure I have the order I want the first time around? Or is it totally random?

  144. Hi Matt,
    in case you aren’t using the attribute imgsize the images should be ordered just like you uploaded them. If you are using the attribute the images are collected from your upload folder and should be ordered alphabetically. I said “should” because I haven’t tested this thoroughly.

  145. Hi… Thanks for great plugin.. I want need some help..

    Is it possible to modify this code to show recent post images fetch from the recent article…?

    It could be useful to mysite…

    want to add some info… fetch the image from custom field..


  146. I am interested in using this plugin. I saw on the site for SmoothGallery that a Flickr option exists. Does a Flickr option exist for this pluging version too?

    OK, I’m really confused. I’ve installed the plugin. If I don’t upload any new images, it seems to display 2 images already in a gallery. If I upload images and insert into the current post, they are just there, not in a slide show. Also, in the 2 that are displaying, one is way too large and in both the text sizes are wonky. Please help me!


  147. Hi Susan,

    Does a Flickr option exist for this pluging version too?

    It’s on my TODO list and I’m looking forward to add it in the next version of the plugin.

    Please tell me the exact location of the page where you’ve tried to publish the SmoothGallery, so I can have a detailed look.

  148. I can’t manage to make infoPane work out… here is the page where i have the plugin working.

    I’ve added the description but nothing appears…

  149. Hi Christian,
    I am wondering about the possibility of plugging your plugin into a standard html page. Would it be better to use JonDesign’s SmoothGallery directly? I like your instructions so much better! Thanks! David

  150. Hi Christian.

    I have the plugin working now but it doesn’t look so nice. How can I make the photos fit the box (maybe with white space around if needed) rather than being cropped so that people’s heads are cut off, etc? How can I control the style of the text for the title and description of photos? How can I control the style of transitions?


  151. Hi Susan and David,
    @David: although I think it would be better to just use SmoothGallery directly I thought of another possibility: create that page with WordPress and once you’re done save it with your browser on your local computer. I’ve just tried this with Firefox, selected FileSave page as and marked Web page, complete. All the necessary files – your CSS, SmoothGallery JS and CSS – are saved in a separate folder and the HTML page can be used without a connection to the Internet.


    How can I make the photos fit the box

    If you upload images, WordPress will create various thumbnails for you; you can adjust those under SettingsMedia. Use these smaller images with this option.

    How can I control the style of the text for the title and description of photos?

    Add this .jdGallery .slideInfoZone h2 for the title and this .jdGallery .slideInfoZone p for the description to your CSS and adapt their style to whatever you want. Although I recommend adding changes to your theme’s own CSS you can change the CSS from the plugin directly under wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/css.

    How can I control the style of transitions?

    I’ve just released a new version (1.13) of the plugin that supports this feature. Just use the key transition inside the custom field smoothgallery along with one of the available transitions, i.e. fadeslideleft, continuoushorizontal, continuousvertical. For example:


    Don’t forget the double quotes.

  152. Hi David,
    I couldn’t load this specific page due to HTTP error code 403, but on the frontpage I saw that you’re using Prototype.js. Keep in mind that this framework is incompatible with SmoothGallery. So either put the SmoothGallery inside an iFrame or remove the conflicting frameworks.

  153. all right, I receioved your email about adding “[smoothgallery iframe=1]” as an attribute, and put this under the custom field:

    “[smoothgallery iframe=1]”

    and it is working now! Perhaps this needs to be something better explained in the iframe paragrapgh, as it is a little tricky.

    Thanks again for an awesome plugin!

  154. Hey Christian,
    Well, it is working; but where should have it gone?

    also, I used firebug to try and style the carousel a little; but can’t find the following:

    .jdGallery .slideInfoZone p {smoothga…color=000 (line 73)
    margin:-5px 5px;

    any ideas? Thanks!

    opps, I just found the above 2nd answer…
    on the jd.gallery.css


  155. I just found your plugin after I spent some time building my own. Yours works on one site in which I was testing but not on another. I’m sure it’s a conflict with another plugin’s javascript, but I don’t see it. Maybe you can see what the problem is.
    Thank you.

  156. Hi Jim,
    you’ve got jQuery in your HTML header and that doesn’t work with SmoothGallery. So either put the SmoothGallery inside an iFrame or remove the conflicting frameworks, i.e. jQuery, Prototype.js.

  157. I was a having a styling issue with my theme (Mistylook by Sadish) with regards to the infopane. It was reading the main styleheet rather than the jd.gallery.css stylesheet.

    A person on wordpress.com forum suggested trying this:

    in your CSS for the gallery where you have this:
    .jdGallery .slideInfoZone h2
    put this:
    #content .jdGallery .slideInfoZone h2

    It worked! It is reading the desired stylesheet now!

  158. Love the plugin. Do you have a rough ETA on the random / randomize feature? I may take a crack at it if you don’t expect it to be too soon. Thanks!

  159. Hi Christian, I am working on my main site tonight, which uses a magazine style theme, Branfordmagazine theme. I have set up a post with an image gallery to display on the front page, all is well; yet the links aren’t working.
    I have placed these controls in the custom field:

    “[smoothgallery iframe=1]”

    What’s the best manner of embedding links? I plan on updating, and changing around this post to keep my front page fresh. Thanks!

    Ps… I am interested in the random thing as well!

  160. Hi David,

    What’s the best manner of embedding links?

    If you don’t want links to the large versions of the images you’ll have to manage them manually in the HTML code.

    I am interested in the random thing as well!

    I wrote Andy an e-mail and we’ll figure out the details.

  161. Hi Christian… I am have having difficulties understanding the best way to implement your suggestion above.

    Can you show me what the working model would be for making a link to: http://www.greenpeas.us/weddings/ ?

    I have tried doing this several ways, and it keeps causing the gallery to not work at all, or keep the link to the image.

    I just need to know what content is required.

    Thanks! David

  162. I’m seeing an error on every one of my pages except the homepage (where the plugin is being used.) I’m not great at troubleshooting the PHP, so I’m hoping someone could give me some feedback… it looks like there’s an issue somewhere in my smoothgallery.php, which I’ve tried reloading to no avail.

    The warning is as follows…
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /data/9/1/18/131/1344457/user/1441345/htdocs/accessroad/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on line 113

  163. Hi David and Jeffrey,
    @David: instead of adding a new anchor tag, use the existing one and just change the href pointing to the desired location.

    @Jeffrey: it seems like you’ve edited the config.php and changed the insertSmoothGallery function. Make sure that this function either returns false or an array that holds the options for the gallery. In your case the function should return false on each and every page but the homepage.

  164. I have two problems. Some of the settings I change in my custom field and others don’t. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I can change the delay but when I change w/h nothing happens.

    Also, how do I get my menus to appear over the top of a gallery instead of under it.


  165. Thanks so much for your help! I’m trying to learn enough about PHP to work my way through these kinds of issues, but feedback like this really makes a huge difference. The plugin is great and so is the support!

  166. I have 2 questions

    1. Is there a way to have the carousel stay open?

    2. Is there a way to have the carousel separate from the smoothgallery?

  167. Hi Adam,
    there’re a lot of options regarding the carousel but I haven’t played with them yet. If you know JavaScript, have a look at jd.gallery.js lines 77 – 95 and try understanding where these options are used in the script and change them accordingly. In your case I would have a more detailed look at carouselMinimizedHeight and useExternalCarousel.
    If you don’t know JavaScript please ask your questions here.

  168. Hi

    I’m installed your plugin on 2.5.1, but I’m having trouble getting it to work. I activated the plugin and added the custom fields, but still I receive a blank space where the gallery should be. I tried a fresh install without luck.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  169. Hi, I just install this plugin and it works but show up the error message before my the gallery(happen when I put in sidebar)”Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/itouchtw/public_html/shop/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 169″

    how can I fit it ?
    Thank you

  170. Trying your plugin and got the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function insertsmoothgallery() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\smoothgallery\smoothgallery.php on line 110

  171. Bummer, updated to the latest version and it broke. Now I just get the images and the titles as separate static images. 🙁

    Phew, uploading the previous version fixed it.

  172. Is there a way to make it so it’s compatible with Lightbox 2? I want to use both plugins, but couldn’t. When I have both of them on, lightbox works fine (from what I can tell), but SmoothGallery just keeps displaying the loading bar (frozen?).

    I have two SmoothGallery galleries on my blog (different pages). One is just a timed slideshow WITHOUT arrows and carousel — this one is only displaying the loading bar. The other gallery is a timed slideshow WITH arrows and carousel — this one is displaying the loading bar, carousel, and the thumbnails inside the carousel; when I click on the thumbnail, nothing shows.

    PS: I’m playing with a custom theme on a WP installed on XAMPP…so can’t show you 🙁

    PPS: Sorry for the delay, but thank you for the plugin. 🙂

  173. Hi!

    I’m trying to integrate your plugin. The gallery works, but the shotcuts of options don’t work, I don’t understand why.

    An oher thing: the gallery looks good. It’d look better, when it could be set centered with an option (margin:auto or smth). The gallery has got left margin (on my site see here).


  174. Hello Leo,

    An oher thing: the gallery looks good. It’d look better, when it could be set centered with an option

    That’s a good idea. I’ll consider this for the next release.

  175. Trying to use the options for smoothgallery in the custom field and having problems. Smoothgallery works fine if I just have the custom field smoothgallery with a value of “On”. If I try to add any of the additional options for height and width, smoothgallery does not display. I tried it with both the “On” value present and removed, no change. Removing all options but “On” and smoothgallery displays. Can you provide more examples of the custom field using the options?

    Ah, oops, sorry I just realized I wasn’t hitting the “update” button under the custom field. Everything working now!

    Actually, showCarousel doesn’t work.

  176. Hallo Christian,

    I’ve tried to use options shotcuts like w, h, b in the shotcode like [smoothgallery w=600 h=400 b=ccc] without any effect. Only “width”, “high”, “bordercolor” works.

    It’d be really nice, when you could provide more examples. It’s not self-understanding, where and how the options have to put in, in the shotcode or in the custom field.


  177. Hello Andrew and Leo,

    Actually, showCarousel doesn’t work.

    That’s true if you’re using the shortcode. This happens because the shortcode doesn’t include thumbnails in the HTML markup for SmoothGallery. The simple reason for this is that I haven’t implemented a way to generate appropriate thumbnails or use the ones that may already be somewhere inside the uploads folder. Until I found a nice solution to this, you’ll have to remove the shortcode and manually add the HTML markup with the thumbnails into your content. You can learn how to do this here at the second step; watch out for the img-tags with the class set to thumbnail.

    Thanks a lot for your hint that the documentation isn’t explaining this so well. I’ve expanded the section about the shortcut and added some examples that hopeful explain how to use the shortcut along with the custom field. Regarding your problem, you’ll have to add these options to the custom field. This said you would end up with this simple shortcode:


    and this inside the custom field:


    Indeed, if you want a SmoothGallery inside an iFrame, by adding iframe=1 to the shortcode, you would have to add the attributes that went into the custom field to the shortcode; this is due to the way iFrames work.

  178. I’m having trouble controlling the size of the image. I want to use the WordPress medium size with the slideshow, but can only get it to work with the full size.

  179. Thanks for the expanding shortcode section Christian, I am just on the verge of really figuring it out! Here’s a couple examples:

    1. If I add the following shortcode to my post: [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=585 height=392 timed=true delay=9000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=false showInfopane=false embedLinks=true] and attach 3 images using the image uploader, nothing shows up on this test page.

    2. If I use the shortcode [smoothgallery] and add a custom field with the following:


    here, the SmoothGallery seems to work.

  180. Hi Jane and David,
    @Jane: you are using the shortcode? Have you tried adding the imgsize attribute? Or are you editing the HTML markup for the SmoothGallery yourself? Just make sure that the various img tags point to the medium sized images.
    @David: I haven’t had a detailed look at the SEO Title Tag plugin but it seems that it somehow interferes with the process of generating the iFrame. The markup for the iFrame seems to be alright but there’s no sensible content inside it.

  181. Hi Christian,

    thank you very for explanations and quick answer. Your plugin with smoothgallery is great thow there are many competitors for a WP gallery plugin.

    Just keep your code XHTML-valid and a good documentation is very important. I’d even try to revise the text on this page – less is more, i mean an article is easear readble with a good structure, less text, more examples and a full explained list of the options. Let read and estimate somebody this page who doesn’t know your plugin.

    Videos is a good idea, but my expereance with watching such videos: It takes too much time and it’s a litle boring.

    Last I have even problems with the options shortcuts (f.e. w, h, b – they don’t work) within shortcode. Don’t they work in the shortcode?

    F.e. [smoothgallery iframe=1 w=600 h=400 b=ccc].

    Anyway, you’ll get five stars from me.

    With regards

  182. Hi Leo,

    Don’t they work in the shortcode? F.e. [smoothgallery iframe=1 w=600 h=400 b=ccc].

    This won’t work in the current version, but I’m looking forward to add this in the next release. So for the moment you’ll have to write:

    [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=600 height=400

    (Line break just for readability).

  183. Hi Christian,
    I noticed after adding 2 posts to my site, which are displayed on the front page, the smoothgallery function stops working. o, I am wondering if there may be something else in addition to the SEP Titletag plugin, which is now disabled.

    I haven’t switched to using shortcode there yet, because I noticed on this test page: http://www.greenpeas.us/test-4/
    where I have used the shortcode: [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=585 height=392 timed=true delay=9000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=false showInfopane=false embedLinks=true]

    that it seems to display thumbnails rather than the full image. Not quite sure how to adjust this. Any ideas there?

    Thanks! -5 stars from me as well 🙂

  184. Hi David,

    it seems to display thumbnails rather than the full image

    This is a flaw in the current version and you’ll have to add the imgsize attribute to the shortcode.

    5 stars from me as well

    Thank you and everybody else for this great feedback! I’ll try to keep up the great work. Imagine: I just reached over 1500 lines of code for this plugin, that’s a lot of functionality and I’ve created all this just in my spare time.

  185. One additional note: on my test page 3:

    the above comment February 15, 2009 at 2:42 am is working; but adding links to the images within the media uploader doesn’t work. It is tagged with l:true

    Any ideas on that?

    Once I figure out which method works best for my theme, I’ll implement that on the front page (currently just using custom fields)


  186. OK, this worked on test page 4:

    [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=585 height=392 imgsize=585×392 timed=true delay=9000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=false showInfopane=false embedLinks=true]

    It does not seem to embed links though. I went into add media, opening each of the 3 images and added links, and then saved all changes, and updated the post. It still just points to the full size image, rather than the link. It does not keep the link however, after saving changes, if I reopen the image, the link I added is gine… perhaps a wordpress issue?

    Do I need to modify the generated code within the SmoothGallery field at the bottom of edit page?

  187. Hi David,

    … perhaps a wordpress issue?

    It’s possible that you’ve found a bug here, but I’ll have to investigate this further. Sorry, but I can’t say much about this right now.

    Do I need to modify the generated code within the SmoothGallery field at the bottom of edit page?

    No, that’s just meant as a starting point if you don’t want to use the shortcode but insert the markup manually into your content. Instead of writing everything from scratch this should get you started quickly.

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  189. I just noticed on the read-me FAQ that it mentions disabling the visual editor do to the div-tags may be replaced with
    p-tags. There’s a plugin here called “Deactivate Visual Editor” which you can add a custom field that says deactivate_visual_editor = true and it’ll disable the visual editor for that post, or page.
    Helpful on the page you are using SmoothGallery with!

    Does iFrame clears this problem up as well?

  190. Hi David,
    thanks for the hint.

    I haven’t verified this again but the Visual Editor used to replace some tags of your hand-crafted markup for the gallery once you saved a post/page. You won’t have any problems if you’re using the shortcode though, no matter whether the gallery will sit inside an iFrame or not.

  191. Very Good Christian. I have seen this happen many times when going back and forth between the visual editor. For now, until there’s a means of getting the link = true to work, I’ll have to use the markup at least on my main page.

  192. Thanks for your feedback before. I was able to get the carousel to be separate from the gallery.

    Is it possible to have a play/pause button? I have read a few posts about this, but have been unable to implement it on my site.


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  194. Christian,

    Working the plugin into a custom theme. Installing it on the main page. All is good except it messes with my js. How can I iFrame this or code so the js isn’t effected… (the iframe=1 seems to be no use in my case)?


  195. Hi Christian. Before anything else, thank you very much for this plugin. Great work. It convinced me to use SmoothGallery.

    Now, I’ve been making some tests with it to use it on my website and also on a future photo portfolio but I would like to have just a little bit more control that is, what I really would like to have was a list type menu under the image like, photo1, photo2, photo3… That would allow the user to navigate directly to a precise image and would not use thumbs.

    Any idea on how to achieve that?
    Thank you very much.

    p.s. Sorry for the lousy english.

  196. Christian, this looks like a promising plugin for our WP-driven news site. We want to replace the Flash image rotation (of news stories) we currently have due security issues with Flash. However, I am limited in my programming skills; I am a web designer, editor and writer, not a programmer. I tried to get this to work with iFrame but was unable to do so, more than likely because I missed something. Can you recommend somebody to implement this? We have an oDesk account and occasionally use programmers there. Is there somebody you might recommend on oDesk capable of implementing this plugin? We’d be happy to pay to get this plugin working on our site.

  197. Hi Pedro and Kurt,
    @Pedro: have you already had a look at the FAQ where it says how to jump between images? If you know JavaScript it should be no problem to integrate this into your site.
    Anyway, I’ll integrate this into the next release 😉 So stay tuned.

    @Kurt: the iFrame feature in the current release contains some bugs, so more likely than not it wasn’t your fault but the plugin malfunctioning. I’ll write you an email – maybe I can help you figuring this out.

  198. Thanks for your fast reply Christian. Well, as Kurt I’m more a designer, editor and writer than a programmer. I will with no doubt wait for your next release…
    Anyway, once again, thank you very much for your hard work.

  199. I cant quite get your plugin to function. I’m on 2.7 and there is not a key field in the custom field setting.

    I’ve tried inserting the [smoothgallery] shortcode into the post but all it does is make a copy of each image. Now I have two copies of each image but no slide show functionality.

  200. Hi Hal,
    if you’ve never used the custom field smoothgallery before you’ll have to add a new one. To do this scroll down to Custom fields on the post/page edit screen, under Add new custom field click on Enter new, enter smoothgallery in the input field along with just On to use the defaults or some options.
    If you don’t do this the JavaScript and CSS won’t be inserted and the SmoothGallery won’t work – you’ll just see the images as-is.

  201. Thanks for all the info here. the plugin works perfectly for me. I am struggling with one customizing issue. I have googled it and found some answers but it does now seem to work. I am trying to display the thumbnails outside the image, i.e. not as a drop down box but always show the thumbs at the bottom and the large image at the top. I would really appreciate any advice on this…

  202. I can’t get the carousel to even show up. I have tried everything in your suggestions. As far as your videos don’t waste your/my time they are too out of focus to see anything. I suggest you take some time and go buy Camtasia if you are going to make helpful videos to support your software. Heres a link to my page… check it out if you would. Thanks.

  203. Christian,
    I did all the code inserting, updating, downloading you said and it is still not working. I have spent a lot of time on this I have better things to do. If you can take another look at my link and maybe give me your thoughts? I will try a little more. I will try what you reply but that’s it. I have got too many hours into this with no progress. Thanks.

  204. Hi Christian

    it’s all working beautifully thank you so much for doing this! A couple of quick questions – can you let me know where to alter the font type please, I am guessing one of the style sheets and is it possible to play it only 1 rather than have it on a loop?

  205. Hi Sam,

    can you let me know where to alter the font type

    Open the file jd.gallery.css that you can find under wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/css, search for the CSS selector .jdGallery .slideInfoZone h2 or .jdGallery .slideInfoZone p. There you can change the font for the title and description respectively.

    is it possible to play it only 1 rather than have it on a loop?

    Sure, but like the font type above this isn’t configurable either. I guess you’ll have to change the goTo function (jd.gallery.js line 260) in a way that it won’t jump to the first image once it has reached the last one. I’m sorry but I haven’t got the time to do this right now.

  206. Simply great stuff and exactly what I needed. 1 thing: how do I alter the order of the images áfter I’ve uploaded them? Or how does the ordering work, as in: which one’s shown first?

  207. Hi Edwin,
    although this isn’t totally random, the plugin lacks the feature to order the images. That said the following worked for me so far: upload the first image first, then the second one and so on. This way they’ll appear just the way you’ve uploaded them. If you’re using the Flash-Uploader you don’t have to upload the images one after another but just name them like image-1.png, image-2.png, etc. – they’ll be uploaded in the right order; at least it worked for me.
    I’m looking forward to use WordPress’s built in feature for ordering images. This will make things a bit easier.

  208. Hi, nice plugin 🙂
    Is it possible to show all uploaded post-images in a gallery on a separate page (gallerypage)?
    Thanks for your answer

  209. Hi there, I’ve installed smoothgallery on my website, but the images only show once I click on the image inside the frame. Is there any way to fix this?

  210. Hi Chris,

    Is it possible to have the info zone on the gallery activate on mouseover, rather than automatically appearing?
    Thanks. Dan

  211. Hi netze, Scott and DanP,
    @netze: of course, you don’t have to upload your images twice. Just put the shortcode on your gallerypage along with the attribute id. Say the page you’ve uploaded the images to has got the ID 4711 then you would use this shortcode [smoothgallery id=4711].

    @Scott: there’re two things that come to my mind:

    1. don’t use an iFrame but make sure that you don’t use any conflicting JavaScript frameworks (like jQuery, PrototypeJS) on the page with your SmoothGallery. This way you can use ReMooz too.
    2. set the border color to match your background color and make the iFrame just as large as your large images. This way you won’t notice that the SmoothGallery sits inside an iFrame. But keep in mind that you can’t set the size of the iFrame to an arbitrarily high value, since it must fit into your site’s layout.

    @DanP: sure, but you’ll have to add some extra JavaScript. Since this is a very special request, I’ll send you more details in an e-mail.

  212. @Christian: unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about the conflicting frameworks thing – our theme uses jquery…

  213. Hi I am trying to figure out how I can add the code for smootthgallery so it is automatically visible, i.e. so I dont have to insert the short code into each post or page. What code should I insert into the template. I followed the video tutorial but there it shows how to display the smoothgallery if one is on a certain page. i would like to figure how it would always be visible.

    many thanks for a great plugin

  214. Hi cotton,
    make use of WordPress’s Conditional Tags and the function insertSmoothGallery. Instead of using is_page with the parameter pointing to a specific post you might want to use is_page and is_single without any parameters instead. This way you’re able to include the CSS and JavaScript for SmoothGallery on each and every post/page.
    BTW: have you read this?

  215. Hey Christian I’ve been using your plugin for awhile and have been having some problems lately.

    First off I’m using an outdated version where in my index I have the code. However, when I update to the latest version it breaks my gallery and just displays the text and images… Why is this happening?

    My second problem which you can see on my site right now is even worse… For some reason when I add new post with Stickys it breaks my gallery on page 1 of the index yet works fine on page 2 and other pages of the index…

  216. Christian,

    great plugin. One problem we are having is that the delay rate is not working on WP 2.7.1, and we are getting images whizzing by with a second or less interval. Any suggestions? We are using custom fields and the simple [smoothgallery] invocation.

  217. Michael Zick Doherty

    Same problem as timelady, though I am not using shortcode. Also the carousel option breaks the slideshow!!

  218. Hi Paul, Timelady and Michael,
    @Paul: I’ll write you an e-mail so we can figure this out.

    @Timelady, @Michael: Do keep in mind that the delay is specified in milliseconds, i.e. if you supply, say, d:5000 in the custom field that will be 5 seconds between each transition. Depending on the browser and the computer’s speed setting the value below 1000 isn’t a good idea either.

    @Michael: please read what I wrote Andrew in this comment, maybe that helps you to figure it out.

  219. I’d love to say “awsome” but not yet…for some reason I’m not seeing anything but a site within a site via the iFrame. And then if I do show it, its one long list of pictures.

    I will tell you im using mootools /jquery sliding code within the site but geesh. I’ve been looking at this for about a day now and still I can’t figure out where the problem lies.

  220. Promising so far…but I’m having the same problem as Michael and Timelady w/the delay. Tried doubling to 18000 even and no change. Wondering if anyone figured that out yet?

  221. Strangest thing: on the post-page everything is working fine, but on my homepage (where all recent posts are displayed) it just shows a list of pictures… Any idea?

  222. Hi JG and Edwin,
    @JG: Timelady just reinstalled the plugin and everything worked fine. I don’t know what’s causing the problem so far. I’ll write you an e-mail so we can figure this out.

    @Edwin: this is a problem with WordPress I wasn’t able to solve until now. Please use the iFrame feature and everything should work fine.

  223. I added NexGen gallery and Smooth Gallery to my Thesis Theme.

    Gallery specific options are:

    [smooth=id: yyy; width:500; height:400; timed:false; arrows:true; carousel:true; links:true; info:true; align:left; frames:false; open:false; text:more pictures;]

    Pictures are enlarged in another window when gallery is clicked. Carousel works fine. But instead of getting the full image in that 500×400 gallery frame, only a portion of the entire image is shown. (My images are quite large, some up to 2288×1712).

    How do I have the original image automatically shrunk to fit inside the 500×400 size frame?

    P.S. Codes scare the heck out of me. I’ve read your wonderful explanation multiple times and watched the videos too, but I just can’t get wrap my head around all the jargon. Short codes, long codes, iframes, etc. It’s way over my head.

    Your kind help is much appreciated.

  224. I appear to be having some difficulty accessing albums via flickr and/or picasa – keep receiving this error:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_picasa_images() in /home2/regandev/public_html/portfolio/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 411”

    and a similar one for flickr (I believe it was line 406?).

    I’m using smoothGallery for another page (“Training”) and it works well, but I’m asking it to reference photos from my WP gallery so…there it is.

    Any ideas what I can do to address this? Thanks!

  225. Michael Doherty

    how do i use the iframe option (so i may be able to have multiple smoothgallerys on one page) but at the same time use image from URL. When I insert image on the page from URL, the shortcode option doesn’t seem to work

  226. Michael Zick Doherty

    Great looking forward to it. I think that fix will really make it a legitimate plugin as well as an important part of wordpress development.

    Thank you for your work.

  227. Hi again,

    I’m still having trouble getting flickr or picasa to work with SmoothGallery – I did implement the css changes you noted (thanks!) and a blank space appears where I imagine the iFrame would be, but there is nothing in the space.

    I have found a workaround – I create a blank page, upload the photos that I’d like in one SmoothGallery to that page’s gallery, then reference that page using the id attribute. I have to create a separate page for each “photoset” but…it works.

    Shortcode works for me only if I have the custom field disabled.

    Am I missing something else? Thank you for all of your help!

  228. So when’s the new release due out? heard there might be a copy of Alice and Wonderland in the mail!

  229. I’ve had a hard time answering all the questions – there were thousands of emails lately. All this led to feature requests, suggestions and even more fixes.

    Anyway, looking forward to package a new release this weekend…

  230. Hi Chris,

    first of all, this type of plugin is that i want for so long. finally i found it.

    i want to know, how to disable open image in new window. since it has conflict with my theme. i use flickr image.

    please visit my site n see the problem when people click the image.

    thank you so much.

  231. BEAUTIFUL Plugin!!!!!!!! Thanks! It works wonderfully pulling images from flickr.

    I am having one slight issue adding a flickr set breaks the show. Am I using the right code, or have I messed it up?
    [smoothgallery flickrusername=XXXXXXXX@XXX flickrphotoset=Slideshow]

  232. Hi Kane,
    first off, thanks a lot for your feedback on the Flickr functionality, it helps me to improve this feature in future releases.
    Currently you can’t use the name of a photo set but have to use the numerical ID. Say, you’ve got a set called Disneyland – grab the ID from the URL and use it in the shortcode; it’s 72157601444005542 in this case.

  233. Thanks! that worked perfectly! I don’t know why I didn’t try using that number instead of the name.

    This plugin is perfect! thank you so much for sharing it!

  234. I just upgraded to 1.15 and it broke the slideshow.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_flickr_images() in /path/to/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 418

    Any Ideas?

  235. That did it. I can’t believe I didn’t check that before posting. Sorry.

    Thanks again for the great plugin and quick replies!

  236. So adding the carousel, even in the new version still seems to break the show. I added this:

    [smoothgallery iframe=1 flickrusername=59689115@N00 showInfopane=false width=480 height=320 timed=true delay=4000 bordercolor=fff showCarousel=true]

    When I try it without the showCarousel it works fine!

  237. Hi Michael,
    I haven’t had the time to update the documentation, sorry. Please open the file config.php under wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery, search for ENABLE_GENERATED_THUMBNAILS and set it to true; currently this defaults to false to prevent unwanted side effects.

  238. The carousel works but the thumbs don’t appear. Instead of generating thumbnails it’d be nice if, when using flickr images it just uses the already generated flickr thumbs (image + “_t”). One last thing, when you click the image link it opens in the iframe rather than a new window. Also it should be a link to flickr page rather than the image iteself!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  239. I’m trying to set default values in the util.php file and nothing is changing? I’m trying to set the following:
    showCarousel = “true” makes the slide show disappear.
    showInfopane = “false” still shows up?
    embedLinks = “false” images are still linked?

    Could this happen if I have the gallery setup wrong on the page? I have added [smoothgallery] into my page. And I also have settings in the custom field smoothgallery

    I have tried changing the carousel and infopane settings in the custom field values as well and the same things are occuring.

    here is the link to the gallery I’m referring to:

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  240. Thanks Christian, that does help…. except, my theme opens the link within the box that the image was in. I’d like it to open in a new window. Is this something tat could be adjusted somewhere? It is great to see this working now!

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  242. Hi, I think the smoothgallery is just the right plugin for my purpose. however, on my local installation I get the following message from my browser after refreshing.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function insertsmoothgallery() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\smoothgallery\smoothgallery.php on line 110

    I am not a programmer. Any help is much appreciated. thanks to all.

  243. Hi Christian,

    I find the gallery looking very very cool! and it’s just what i’m looking for!

    But unfortunately i cant get it working. I did take the ‘Getting started’ steps, but i dont get anything like your beautiful smooth gallery 🙁

    It looks like it just repeats the placed images. I hope you can tell me what i might be doing wrong, check my result here.

    (You can also see there, that the repeated images dont get the maximum size which is set in the general options.)

    Please help me out, its the best gallery i’ve seen so far!

    Thanks in advance,


  244. Hi Christian,
    I kinda figured out the issue I emailed you on. I had one little thing I can’t seem to isolate. (
    http://www.fbcwaynesboro.org/home) There is a border that shows up on the gallery…. using firebug, it points to this:

    #myGallery, #myGallerySet, #flickrGallery
    width: 612px;
    height: 396px;
    border: 1px solid #000;

    Where would I find this code?
    thanks! David

  245. Hi David,
    you can find that in the plugins directory under smoothgallery/css in both files starting with jd.gallery – it’s right at the top of both files.

  246. Having an issue, plugin works great on WP2.7, but my dropdowns went missing, so when I tried iframe I got this error in place of my slideshow, which I think means its conflicting with another plugin. Any ideas?

    Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in ……qtranslate/qtranslate_utils.php on line 76

  247. Hi Jonny,
    I already tested the plugin with qTranslate – because I wanted to use it on my own website – but the iFrame didn’t work. Since I haven’t had a detailed look at the problem I can’t tell how qTranslate or the SmoothGallery plugin might fix this. Sorry.

  248. Hi Christian,
    Great plugins.
    Already tested with my website, and works great.


  249. seems like images are cropped to the set width and height. Is there an option so they are resized/scaled to a specified size?

  250. Hi Marc,
    although this may be a feature in a future release this isn’t implemented yet. You’ll have to either upload the images in the right size or – even better – use WordPress to scale the images for you. You can adjust the size for the images under Settings – Media. If you’d like to use another variant of an image use imgsize to select the right image.

  251. Hi Christian

    I’d need your help with my site, but I’m having trouble in finding your email address here on the site.
    Can you please help with it? 🙂

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  253. Hi Christian:

    Great work! I would like to know if it possible to get picasa pics with a PHP4 installation? Why is the reason to get the functionality only with PHP5?

    Thanks in advance.

  254. Hi Mauricio,
    the plugin uses an API that’s only available in PHP5; namely SimpleXML. Although it’s possible to make this feature compatible with PHP4 – using the old API – I haven’t invested any time in this because I think people should upgrade their PHP installations anyway.
    If you just can’t upgrade to the latest PHP version for whatever reason I’d be willing to code a special solution for your site.

  255. Christian:

    Thanks for your response. I expect to show some rotating images coming from a picasaweb album, but I’m hosted on Yahoo hosting, that only support PHP4 and WP 2.6. Certainly I would prefer to use PHP5 but I have no option at this moment.

    I’m trying with something like that:

    [smoothgallery iframe=1 id=385 imgsize=600×400 showArrows=false delay=6000 timed=true height=400 width=600 showInfopane=false showCarousel=true embedLinks=false bordercolor=’fff’ showCarouselLabel=false picasaurl=’replace_picasaurl’]

    Regards from Chile.

  256. Hi Christian, thanks for your work. Could you give any hint on how could I make this plugin work with custom field images instead of post id? thanks in advance. best regards.

  257. Hi QuestionMark,
    you’d have to change the plugin a little bit to support this; in case you know PHP have a look at the file utils.php and change the function starting on line 413 returning an array with the format that’s documented on line 165.
    If you don’t want it to make that fancy you should hardcode it into your theme, i.e. collect the custom fields and generate the markup for SmoothGallery. The configuration of the gallery can be done using the plugin and its insertSmoothGallery function (config.php).

  258. Hi Michael and Vangelis,
    @Michael: sure, that would be the best thing to do. Thanks for the hint to Media Temple.

    @Vangelis: you’ll have to use the iFrame feature because you’re using jQuery on your site which is incompatible with SmoothGallery.
    If you’re talking about this comment: don’t try to change the file utils.php if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  259. Howdy.
    I’m getting the following:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function insertsmoothgallery() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wp_sandbox\wp-content\plugins\smoothgallery\smoothgallery.php on line 121

    On a fresh, local wp install.
    Any ideas?

  260. Hi Daniel,
    the short answer is that I haven’t tested the plugin with Windows and that it doesn’t seem to work.

    I’ve already got this on my todo list but there aren’t that many people who use Windows as a web server and so this issues hasn’t got a very high priority.

    Anyway, as soon as I find the time for this I’ll have a detailed look at it.

  261. Hi Christian,

    thanks for a quick response, I will try to implement it on my WordPress blog in next couple of days and will let you know how it goes. And no I did not read how to part, I missed that. Thanks again.

  262. hello, I got mistakes when I upgraded my wp blog to version 2.8, can you update this plugin soon to be compatible with the V2.8?

  263. Hi Christian

    Thanks for all your hard work on the smooth gallery plugin. It was working perfectly up until we upgraded WordPress to 2.8, which then resulted in php errors. Realised that there was a new version of the plugin available, which I’ve now installed and it fixes the error, but leaves me with a white, empty iframe where the smoothgalleries used to be.

    I can’t fathom out why this is, and I appreciate you’ve probably been inundated, but can you tell me – are you aware of any problems with WP2.8 and the current plugin and, if so, are you still working on it?

    Thanks in advance!

  264. Hmmm – I went from having the gallery up with recent images, but with no images showing, to upgrading to the latest version of the plugin and having nothing at all showing – the page just displays the [recent-images-box] tag. 🙁

  265. I am using wp2.8 and I believe newest version of smoothgallery. I posted with a gallery of 4 pictures, great, worked, then put up a new post with 8+/- pictures and now only the new post can you view the gallery, the earlier post does not show the pictures when looking at both on the same page (home). If you look at the posts separately, you can see the appropriate gallery on each post. what 2 do? novice!

  266. I tried the iframe=1 for each of the galleries and they now both work, yeah! I guess I just need to keep reading. thanks.

  267. How do I put the gallery in a WordPress post (with the shortcode), so it actually hides the images below?
    is there some way of commenting out the images?
    (check out my blog to see what i mean)

    awesome work on this plugin!

  268. Can you confirm if this works with wordpress 2.8 or not? I can’t seem to get it to work.

    Plugin enabled, images uploaded and inserted, [smoothgallery] in the content, smoothgallery on in custom field and nothing in the output but a regular gallery

  269. Hi Christian, thanks for your plug in!

    I installed it and it works fine, except on Internet explorer (7), the hover effects for the arrows dont work.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks again,



  270. Greetings Christian!

    Thank you for a great plugin! I’m no expert so it took me a few tries but I have it up and running. As I finalize the customizing of it, I have 2 questions I can’t seem to find answers to.

    1. Can I/how can I have the thumbnails (carousel) show up on the left side of the main image?

    2. How do you set the carousel to show the thumbnails all the time? showCarouselDefault=true

    Thanks again!

  271. Hi Jay,

    Can I/how can I have the thumbnails (carousel) show up on the left side of the main image?

    Vertically? Not above the images of the gallery? You’ll have to use an external carousel for that. I’m working on an example for this but if you know some CSS and JavaScript just have a look at the option useExternalCarousel and you should be able to figure it out yourself.

    How do you set the carousel to show the thumbnails all the time?

    You can use the following combination to archive this:


    This should do the trick.

  272. Hey Chris,

    I need some of the image links to open a new tab. Adding target=”_blank” to the markup doesn’t seem to be working. Any idea how to do this? Thanks

  273. Hi Christian,

    Love the plug-in though I’m using WordPress 2.8. Just wondered if there’s any info on when there might be a working release of your plug-in for 2.8?

    I’m working on a project that I’d like to launch this month and if there’s any chance of using your plugin for it that’d be great.


  274. Hello Christian,
    I’ve just upgraded to wordpress 2.8.1 and I got the following message:
    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /var/www/vhosts/szepvilagextra.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 581
    Could you please help?
    Thank you

  275. Hey Christan! I’m having a problem with changing the color of the iframe. The short code will not work because I’m embedding the code into my footer.php and not with the WP editor… here is my code…

    $showgallery = ‘[smooth=id:4; width:326; height:129; timed:true; delay:6000; transition:fade; arrows:false;
    info:false; carousel:false; text:xx; open:false; links:false; margin:0; align:center;]’;
    $showgallery = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $showgallery );
    echo $showgallery;

    the iframe is on in the plugin menu… but what do I type to change the color…


  276. How do I centre the smooth gallery using shortcode in custom fields? Is it possible?

  277. Thanks – unfort did not work; the code at the bottom of the dashboard – where it says:
    “If you want more control over the exact markup for the gallery, copy the following code into your content.”

    Does that go into custom functions?

    Would just like to center the images somehow and wondering if needs to be done via custom css, but not sure how to call the smoothgallery!

    Tried this:
    .myGallery {width: 900px; margin: auto;}

    Didn’t work!

    This plug in rocks by the way; have been looking for something like this and works like a dream! Just can’t center it. Thanks!

  278. Ok, so I have my gallery and that’s working great. I want to add a line of stacked images underneath the gallery but don’t want them to cycle through with the gallery images. How do I stop images on the same page as images in gallery from showing. This not a two gallery question; I want to add a row of static images under my gallery. You can see the problem I am having here http://www.mamanmedoc.com; the small images keep coming into the gallery! THANKS! Once I’ve cracked this I am done.

  279. Hi Julika, Tim and Kazclark,
    @Julika: make sure that you’re using the most recent version of the plugin because this particular bug should be fixed in this release.

    @Tim: Wow, I’ve never thought about injecting the iFrame like this – although I haven’t used it this way it seems to be a nice solution. Anyway, you’ve got two options to change the color: one for the border color (bordercolor) of the SmoothGallery and another one for the background color (iframebgcolor) of the iFrame. Just use these and supply a color code without the “#“.

    @Kazclark: the CSS selector for the gallery isn’t a class but an id, so make sure you use #myGallery instead of .myGallery. Open the file jd.gallery.css under wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/css and just add margin:auto to #myGallery.
    Regarding the other problem that all images are included in a gallery, you may want to filter some images out. This can be done using the (currently undocumented) filter attribute. Say, you don’t want images that have “dontuse” in their name – e.g. picture-1_dontuse.jpg – in the gallery, you’d add filter=dontuse to the shortcode. Rest assured that this simple filtering mechanism will be improved in future versions of the plugin.

  280. Hey! thanks for the reply… unfortunately it didn’t work… I could have put it in the wrong place but I included it with all my other commands…
    $showgallery = ‘[smooth=id:4; bordercolor=666666; iframebgcolor=666666; width:326; height:129; timed:true; delay:6000; transition:fade; arrows:false;
    info:false; carousel:false; text:xx; open:false; links:false; margin:0; align:center;]‘;
    $showgallery = apply_filters(’the_content’, $showgallery );
    echo $showgallery;

    … do you see any thing wrong…? is there somewhere else I can put it or can I edit your css file? It’s only IE that’s giving me a problem… it look great on every other browser…!



  281. Thanks – popped this into custom css and worked like a dream, again!
    #myGallery {height: 598px; width: 900px; margin: auto;}

    Will now try the exclusion bit & let you know how I get on; only other alternative I thought of was the iframe and including other images as non-smoothgallery but will try this first! let you know!

  282. Unfortunatley the filer shortcut did not work. I have this:
    [smoothgallery imgsize=900×598 filter=dontuse] and they are still showing up. I popped this into shortcode on page; also tried in cusome field but did not work to excluse the 4 images I wante excluded. Am I putting this bit of code in wrong place? Thanks again!

  283. Hi Tim and Kazclark,
    @Tim: you aren’t using this plugin, right? I guess you want to ask your question here?
    @Kazclark: you’ve renamed your images that shouldn’t show up any more to something with “dontuse”?

  284. Hi – yes, took your example and _dontuse on end of all calls. For instance visit_dontuse.jpg; about_dontuse.jpg etc Also tried taking numbers out of gallery order in hope would trigger it.
    I am putting this into shortcode – is that right place?
    [smoothgallery imgsize=900×598 filter=dontuse]
    Ah – maybe its looking for images of that size with dont use. Will try taking that out ….. nope, no difference.
    Does the image need to be named in specific way?

  285. Ach – my centering has stopped working too! Bizarre. Code is there in custom css but the images no longer centering! http://www.mamanmedoc.com.
    I wonder if something going in between stacked images/thesis/wordpress. Was working and suddenly = popped out of center!

  286. Hi Christian,
    I am on WP 2.8.1. and followed all installation steps with smoothgallery. I also tried iframing it, deactivating all other gallery plugins, reinstallation, etc. still, the plugin does not recognise the images i want to appear in the gallery. i put in the shortcode and the front end will only show the added images next to each other. any ideas? thanks for your help.M

  287. Great plugin.
    I’m having trouble with one particular theme on one WordPress blog. Clearly there’s some conflict as everything works fine in the default WordPress theme (on 2.8.2), but my own theme results in just the images being placed into the post without any gallery functions being added.

    Any suggestions on where to start looking for whatever is conflicting? I’ve verified it’s not prototype, but am puzzled as to where to look next.

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  289. I have also been having some problems with the plugin on 2.8.2, and 2.8.3. The plugin worked fine on my localhost using xampp, but since uploading to my LAMP server results in the following errors (debug set to true).
    with iframe:no images, an nternal server error, and error message –
    Notice: Undefined index: id in myserverinfo/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 421
    Using without iframe results in no images (though they did appear in the post once and you can see the title of one), no internal server error, and error message – Notice: Undefined variable: markup in myserverinfo/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 215
    This is happening in the default theme as well as my own. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  290. This Plugin is great. I missing a adminpanel for the plugin how i use to integration on my posts. This with the tags is okay but a panel is greater…


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  292. I have followed your instructions exactly, and it’s not working. I’m not sure what’s going on, because i’ve installed this script manually before (like on my portfolio site) and it works fine, but i haven’t been able to to get it to work on this site at all, with the plugin, or just manually, not even with their demo code! I’m about to pull my hair out, perhaps with a fresh set of eyes, you might notice something i’ve done wrong? thanks here’s the link: http://tammyhartdesigns.com/wpmediabook/the-title-of-a-post-goes-here/

  293. Hi Debbie,
    1. you can either use CSS (hint: “overflow: hidden“) to fix this or enlarge the iFrame a bit with the parameter ADD_PIXELS_TO_IFRAME; the latter can be found in the file config.php.
    2. you’ll have to adapt the JavaScript. Open the file jd.gallery.js in the plugin’s directory under scripts and do a search for “makeLink: function“. Change the following three lines to this:

      href: this.galleryData[num].link,
      title: this.galleryData[num].linkTitle,
      target: '_parent'

    This makes sure that the link opens in the parent window, i.e. not inside the iFrame. If you’d like it to open in a new window or tab replace parent with blank.

    By the way, you can adjust the background color of the iFrame with iframebgcolor.

  294. Hey,

    I tried using SmoothGallery as a widget in WordPress…i get this message everytime i add a picture:

    You don't have permission to access /wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.2.11 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.11 OpenSSL/0.9.8i DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at www.bumpped.com Port 80

    I also get this when i try to add to a post and put iFrame=1.
    If i don’t put the iFrame…nothing happens…no SmoothGallery is on :s

    here’s the code i used in the post: [smoothgallery imgsize=400×266]

    And i added a customfield like this:
    Name: smoothgallery
    Value: On and infoPane:true

  295. Hi pr0wn3r,
    this doesn’t seem to be a problem with the plugin but your webserver’s setup. Try to allow the execution of scripts under wp-content/plugins and everything should be working fine.

  296. I would like to show a SmoothGallery on my home page. The problem is that it is not an actual page, but WordPress displaying posts using the appropriate page template. So there is note home page to insert the shortcode.

    Two questions as I try to make this work:

    1. Can I insert a function in my page template instead of using a shortcode?

    2. Since no actual home page exists, can I pull photos from another page by its ID if I upload them to that page?


  297. Hi Doug,
    have you already had a look at this page? It should help you to implement a SmoothGallery anywhere in your theme and the plugin should assist you to do that, e.g. at least generate the CSS/JavaScript for you.
    To answer the second question: yes, you can pull the images from any post/page into the gallery. I recommend adding a sidebar to your theme, using the SmoothGallery widget and setting the ID in the options of the widget to the post/page in question.

  298. Hi guys,
    I’ve installed the plugin, working great as I need a very basic carousel. I’ve managed to put the options I want. However haven’t been able to control the timing between the images. Have tried values form 1000, 6000, 9000 to 20000. They all look the same. Any ideas??
    Theses are the values I’ve used in my field –

  299. Hi Christian,

    I love this plugin, thank you. One thing I’d love help on is figuring out how to implement multiple gallery sets–I’ve seen your instructions on how to do multiple galleries on one page, but I’m actually trying to do multiple galleries within the same iframe. I see on JonDesign’s site that it’s possible, but don’t know how to make it work in the WordPress plugin. The reason I need to do it this way (rather than having multiple pages for different galleries) is that it’s for a photographer who wants music to play on her site, so I’d like to autoplay audio but not have the song reload when each different gallery is clicked.


  300. Hi Genevieve,
    the plugin doesn’t support gallery sets yet; although this is on my todo list I can’t promise to finish this any time soon.
    I’m sorry that you can’t use the plugin for this task. I suggest that you manually add the gallery set to your site; the howto can be found here.

  301. Hi, I’m having a prblem with the image sizes showing as indicated below. Do I need to upload the images with the size below in order for it to show properly?
    [smoothgallery iframe=1 embedLinks=false
    timed=false delay=600 imgsize=500×400]

  302. Hi Adel,
    the parameter imgsize just selects the right images from the set of images, generated by WordPress during the upload process. So yes, you have to upload the images with the appropriate sizes because the plugin won’t resize the images in any way; this should be done manually by you or automatically by WordPress.

  303. hi!
    ich hab ein kleines problem. ich hab, denk ich, alles gemacht wie beschrieben. nur erscheint nur einmal kurz ein bild, dann verschwindet es und es erscheint nur der titel!
    wp version 2.8.3 und php Version 4.4 (kann es daran liegen? denke aber nicht!).
    sorry, mein englisch ist nicht seht toll, daher auf deutsch 🙂

  304. Hi Christian, Just wanted to thank you for letting me know that smoothgallery was in fact working with IE on my site–for some reason wasn’t working on my PC and it was keeping me up at night–it wasn’t until you said it was working fine on IE for you that I checked it out on netrender and it was fine. Must have been something funky or a cache issue or something to do with my janky old PC. All is well now and I can finally put this project to bed!

  305. PS: The display box only allows for text above or below it. Is there a way to get the text to run alongside it when the display box is narrower and set to one side of the screen?
    Your instructions and help surpass other plugin developers. Thank you. I’d donate but I don’t use Paypal.

  306. Hi Pauline,
    open the file jd.gallery.css that you can find in the folder css in the plugin’s directory. The first CSS selector is called #myGallery: add the following on a new line inside the curly brackets:

    float: right;

    You might want to add margin-left: 1em; or something similar too.

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  308. Hi, Nothing changed when I added float: right; to jd.gallery.css. Is it because by the title: “Editing smoothgallery/css/jd.gallery.css” , it states “(inactive)” ?

  309. Hi, Christian! I just discovered this plugin and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have it working here: http://writingcenters.org/gallery/ — except that I can’t get the info pane to show up. I’ve tried turning it on explicitly in the shortcode — [smoothgallery showInfopane=true] — and the heading and paragraph tags do appear in my HTML, but they’re not being displayed. When I view your example gallery on this page in Firebug, I can see a div with the ID slideinfoZone that contains the captions. That div does not appear in my gallery. Is there something else I have to do to enable it?

  310. Hi Stephanie,
    it seems like you’ve manually added the JavaScript for SmoothGallery to your site’s header, i.e. you theme’s header.php. The JavaScript snippet sets showInfopane to false – try changing that to true.
    Normally you don’t have to add any CSS/JavaScript to your them because the plugin will do this for you. Another thing: if you aren’t using the iFrame feature you’ll have to put the options – showInfopane=true in your case – into a custom field called smoothgallery.

  311. Looks like a great plugin! Please tell why I get the following error (I am attempting to link to my Picasa Web Album and show this photos on a page).

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /nfs/c01/h04/mnt/44908/domains/saintjoelacrosse.com/html/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/extra/picasa_rss.php on line 33

  312. Thanks for the reply, Christian. I’m not adding the javascript manually to the theme, so I’m puzzled as to why that value is wrong.

    Here’s how I have things set up:

    1. I have a Gallery page with the smoothgallery custom field set to showInfopane=true. I’m uploading all my photos to this page through the media uploader, with captions and descriptions.

    2. I do want the gallery to appear on my home page, but I want to avoid using iframes. I have a text widget containing the shortcode with the ID of the Gallery page specified:
    [smoothgallery id=3002 showInfopane=true]
    I’ve enabled shortcode parsing for widgets in my functions.php file, so that works fine. The gallery does appear in the right place and the js is loaded with wp_head() as it should be… just with that one wrong value.

  313. Hi Jack7,
    I’ve noticed two things on your website:

    1. although the CSS for SmoothGallery gets included in your header the JavaScript – supposed to be somewhere at the end of the HTML – is missing. Please make sure that your theme has got a call to wp_footer in footer.php (or a similar file).
    2. even if the JavaScript for SmoothGallery got inserted into the page it would be very likely that the gallery wouldn’t work. This is the case because you’re using jQuery on your site which is incompatible with SmoothGallery. One solution is an iFrame.

    I recommend adding another sidebar to your theme. Once you’ve done that you can use the widget that comes with this plugin; it’s pretty easy to display a gallery this way anywhere in your theme. You can read more about that here.

  314. Hi Christian, I have a really quick question, I hope you may be able to help.

    Here is my site: http://www.bargainmoose.ca/

    I tried using SmoothGallery as a sidebar widget on my site. I set the “embed images” to true, and added the appropriate links in the media library, as I want it to open on a post, rather than a larger version of the thumbnail.

    When the widget is active in the sidebar, the posts open inside the thumbnail window. Can it be set to open in a new window please?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  315. Hi Christian
    Sorry the site I’m referring to is stored locally – basically I’ve installed the plug-in and it works fine in the actual post but on the home page it just shows an empty smoothgallery box.
    I’m using 2.8.4
    Thanks in advance

  316. Hi Christian, I am adding a smoothgallery to a new site, and getting an iframe border larger than the images. The images are 400 x 267; so I made the iframe the same size. Here’s the shortcode I’m using:
    [smoothgallery iframe=1 imgsize=400×267 timed=true delay=7000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=false showInfopane=false embedLinks=false randomize=1]
    and the page:

    any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  317. Hi David,
    using the attribute imgsize in the shortcode just selects the right images but doesn’t change the size of the iFrame; you’d have to use width and height for that.
    Anyway, making the iFrame a little bit larger than the images is the default behaviour to prevent some browsers from showing scroll bars. If you don’t like this, please set ADD_PIXELS_TO_IFRAME inside the file config.php to another value.

  318. Christian thanks very much for this magnificent plugin. I already start to try it in my demo blog and I found that drop down menu disappears in a page where its gallery, i search as well as for “open the link of images outside the gallery” and “where is id of the gallery” and I didn’t find till now solution. If you can, please help.

  319. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this! I’m quite a code noob so I’ve spent over a week trying to implement this plugin into my next theme.

    I’m so very close to getting what I want out of the plugin which is basically to have the smoothgallery in the side header which pulls images from a custom directory on the webserver instead of getting them from posts. I’ve got the smoothgallery to pull the images from posts but I have no idea how to pull them in from a custom directory. I’ve added the directory to the array inside the function getImageDirectory but I have no idea how to “add the attribute dir to the shortcode pointing to the path in the array”.

    Help please!

  320. Hi Christian. This may be a silly question, but I don’t see a readily available solution to this. All I want to do is add a SmoothGallery slideshow to the home page of http://paulathomasrealtor.com (i.e. I don’t want to use it for individual posts). What code do I grab and where do I need to put it! What else am I not thinking of that I need to do? Thanks in advance for your help!

    p.s. I’m willing to pay you to do this for me!

  321. Hi Nathan,
    I guess your theme has a special file that renders the home page, like home.php. Add a new sidebar to the template file and use the widget that comes with the plugin. All that’s left to do is to create a draft post/page that you’re attaching images to and using that post’s ID in the widget’s configuration. Changing the gallery, i.e. adding or removing images is as easy as uploading more images to the aforementioned post/page or deleting them. The widget just displays the images from the given post/page.

  322. OK. Thanks, Christian. Most of that went over my head, but I’ll try to take it step by step. My offer still stands if you’re willing to do it for me!

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  325. Great script. After some heavy tinkering I was able to get it working properly. A more detailed explanation might save you some time with answering all these questions. 🙂

  326. Hi Christian,
    can you tell me why the navigation elements are under the gallery picture? Is there any option to activate?

  327. Hi,
    at the moment I don’t know how to change this color without maybe touching the JavaScript. Why don’t you remove this white space by setting the width and height to 420 and 620 respectively?

  328. Hi
    I’ve managed to do all the custom field stuff to my liking – this is great!

    My only problem is with ReMooz. This opens both with an X in the top left and caption/description text below. Can I stop both or at least one of these?

  329. Hi Christian,

    I’ve enabled iframes because the JavaScript was not playing nice with other objects on the page. For some reason all the pages are still calling the Smooth Gallery JS files in the header. How do I stop this?


  330. Thank you for a great plugin. I have a installed successfully throughout my website. I was wondering how I remove the “light bulb” from the center of the Smooth Gallery? Also does this plugin work with Lightbox 2 plugin? Currently if you click the gallery image it links to the image file where the gallery is located, this is a bit confusing because the gallery controls seem to disappear. I would like to have the image link removed or open the image using lightbox.
    Please let me know how to solve this. Thank you

  331. Hi Dak,
    if you’d like to remove the links set embedLinks to false. If you just don’t want the light bulb to appear replace the corresponding image in the plugin’s directory under css/img with an empty one.
    If you’d like to use Lightbox2 on one page with SmoothGallery you should put the gallery inside an iFrame. Opening the images with Lightbox2 doesn’t work AFAIK but you can use ReMooz instead.

  332. Hallo Christian,
    erstmal vielen Dank für das tolle Plugin.
    Eine Frage hätte ich da noch:
    Habe showInfopane=false gesetzt und bekomme trotzdem die Einbledendung des Titels in jedem Bild. Selbst die Änderung in der utils.php bringt nicht. Hast du vielleicht eine Idee woran das liegen könnte? Vielen Dank.

  333. Hallo Sven,
    sobald du in der utils.php etwas geändert hast, ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass der Plugin anschließend nicht mehr ordentlich funktioniert; grob gesagt hängt das mit der Implementation der Standardwerte zusammen. Kurz gesagt: Änderungen bitte wieder rückgängig machen.
    Dann ist die Frage, ob du die iFrame-Funktionalität nutzt. Falls ja, gehört showInfopane=false als Attribut in den Shortcode, falls nicht, muss es in das benutzerdefinierte Feld eingetragen werden; ein i:false reicht aus.

  334. Hello Christian,

    Hope you had a good thanksgiving, I am trying to have the link in the gallery, go to a new window, instead of in the same page, i tried removing target=_self to _blank but even if there is nothing there it still links with in. What i have is a screen shot of a video and when you click on it, it will link out to the actual video.

    I am really stuck on this, so i really would appreciate any help or knowledge.

  335. Hi Christian,

    I’m getting the Forbidden error for your plugin:


    You don’t have permission to access /blog/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    I’ve read through the comments and understand this is a server set up issue rather than a script issue. However I have set all permissions to 777 and I still get the error. The file loads fine when I access it directly from the address bar. What am I doing wrong?


  336. Hi Jason,

    changing the file permissions for the files that come with the plugin won’t help here. This issue came up more than once now and almost always it had to do with the web server’s configuration, i.e. from a user’s perspective it’s likely that you can’t fix this yourself, e.g. by changing file permissions or hacking your htaccess file.

    I recommend asking your hosting company whether they are running an Apache web server and enabled mod_security or similar. Another problem might be some sort of “prevent hot linking” feature, disabling this may help too. I’m sorry that I can’t point you to the exact cause of this problem, there’re just too many things that can go wrong.

  337. Hi Christian and thanks for the quick reply.

    I’m using Hostgator and have hotlink protection disabled. I’ll google some more to see if anyone else has had this problem with Hostgator and how/if they solved it. I’m afraid they won’t change anything for me since I’m on a shared server, but if I find a fix I’ll post it here so others can benefit from it as well.

  338. Ok Christian, it’s me once again. It was indeed a security issue with Hostgator – I just had to contact them and tell them to whitelist my domain.

    However – and I’m only writing this now so maybe other people who have this issue can find the solution right here – after I stopped receiving the 403 Forbidden error I started getting a brand new 500 Internal Server Error.

    It turns out it was because I messed around with the permissions while trying to find a fix for the 403. All the folders need to be 755 and files 644. And with all, I mean the entire path to smoothgallery.php.

    I fixed that and now it works like a charm.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  339. Hi Chistian! thank you for this its very useful.

    However I came upon a problem. I am using it with the latest wordpress and it appears to only allow me to put two images in the gallery from two different posts. if I try to add a new one it simply shows the newest two images added. is there anyway i can fix this?

    It appears that it will only work for two photos at a time, where can I edit this number? thank you!

  340. I need to place rotating banners on the header portion of my WP blog. Can this plugin and iframe do the job?

    Very nice pics above…


  341. Hello,

    Once I activated smoothgallery, when I tried to access the website I got the following error message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function insertsmoothgallery() in http:\\xxx\xxx\wp-content\plugins\smoothgallery\smoothgallery.php on line 123

    Any suggestion?


  342. Hi Nur,
    are you running Windows? Some people reported this error and were using windows to test the plugin. As soon as they switched to Linux or MacOS the error disappeared. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution for this issue yet. Since almost nobody uses Windows to run a web server this shouldn’t be a problem in a production environment.

  343. Hi Christian,
    Thank you for your response. You are right. I was trying to figure it out for days.

    For SmoothGallery-2.0 there is no problem but it is not WordPress plug-in. When will you release SmoothGallery-2.0 for WordPress plug-in.


  344. Hi Christian,

    I am having an issue where my images are displaying in the slideshow, but they are also seen below it, at full size, scrolling down the page. Any ideas how to get rid of the duplicate images ?

  345. Hi Mattijs,
    just change the order of the images via the media library. If that’s not an option, have a look at this FAQ, scroll down to the item “How do I make the gallery go to a specific image” and you’ll see the necessary JavaScript code that you’ll have to use.

  346. I found serveral pages with documentation about the smoothgallery plugin for wordpress but they all say something different, and none of them work the way they say.

    This plugin is everything BUT smooth

  347. Hi dodo,
    thank you for this feedback. Although I’ve tried to produce a “smooth” plugin I must admit that it isn’t that easy to use if you haven’t got a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. I’ll try to improve this in the future.

    Anyway, if you would tell me what exactly isn’t working for you or what you’re trying to do in general, I may assist you to implement the plugin and SmoothGallery on your site.

  348. Hi Christian, when i try this nothing happens except that i see “[smoothgallery]” in the post.
    When i type: [smooth=id:2] i DO see the gallery but only the images in the top navigation and when i click them the screen stays blank, and when i click in the blank space, the picture opens in a new window.


    See for yourself.

    Thanks in advance

  349. Hi dodo,
    since you are using an extension to the plugin NextGen gallery which hasn’t got to do anything with my plugin, following my instructions won’t help you.
    Please have a look at the SmoothGallery plugin for NextGen here and ask those guys how to integrate the gallery.
    If you switch to my plugin I’ll be happy to help you resolving any issues you might experience using it.

  350. Hey Christian,

    I installed the plug-in, loaded images, and see the gallery running, but the images are scrolling too fast. I set delay to 9000, but still, the images are looping too fast. Why is this? What can I do to change this?

  351. Hi Christian
    You made good plugin,10+ for plugin.I have a little problem.Everything is fine,i made no white space around slide show,no info panel, everything was fine.I made new page and type id of page in smooth gallery short code.It runs very well,but problem is when i click on image.When i do this,it open post links not in new window,it’s opened in same window instead of slide show with scroll bar.I dont know how to fix this.This is not easy plugin like most wordpress plugins.

    Cheers, garginis

  352. On a new WordPress 2.9.2 setup with this plugin and the default theme, I can’t get the smoothgallery to work inside of an IFRAME, but oddly enough, it works without the IFRAME. This will probably change when I switch themes. I reverted back to the default to troubleshoot, and can’t figure out what is going on. If I disable all Styles with Web Developer (Firefox plugin), I can see the images load in the frame, but the gallery never shows up with styles enabled. Help!

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  355. Hi there, I am using your plugin and want to have the images in a specific order. I am not sure how to control the order the images are being presented in.


  356. Hi JP,
    if you’ve uploaded the images to a post/page and are using the shortcode, it’s as easy as opening the media gallery for the particular post/page and reordering the images. Just drag and drop the images up and down or change the numbers in the right column.

  357. Hi Christian
    You made good plugin,10+ for plugin.I have a little problem.Everything is fine,i made no white space around slide show,no info panel, everything was fine.I made new page and type id of page in smooth gallery short code.It runs very well,but problem is when i click on image.When i do this,it open post links not in new window,it’s opened in same window instead of slide show with scroll bar.I dont know how to fix this.This is not easy plugin like most wordpress plugins.I tried to change add_pixels_to_iframe to 40 but it’s not working.

    Cheers, garginis

  358. The plugin itself is absolutely awesome and sincere thanks for releasing it, but I have to confess its not exactly ‘straightforward’ to configure! I’ve read above about having a second gallery on the same page, and yes running an iframe for each gallery DOES work – I have two galleries on the same page – but both galleries show the same images, which rather defeats the idea of multiple galleries! How can I set parameters for an image to have it display in [gallery iframe=1 height=250 showCarousel=false timed=true delay=3000] or in [gallery iframe=2 height=250 showCarousel=false timed=true delay=3000] ??

  359. Hi traveller,
    right now the plugin expects that all the images attached to a particular post/page should be used in the gallery. That said, you can use the attribute id in your second shortcode referencing another post/page which holds the images for the second gallery and the plugin will use those image instead of the ones attached to the current post. Just create a dummy post/page, don’t publish it and attach the images for the second gallery to it. Then in the shortcode add the id attribute and point to the dummy post. This way you’ll have two galleries on a single page showing a distinct set of images.

  360. Hi Christian
    Please ignore the above – I got the ‘id=’ tag to work, but am still struggling with the ‘dir’ method. So I now have images from two different places on the same page. I’m still stuck with a couple of things though – firstly I can’t get rid of the white space of about 15px on the right and underneath my iframes. I’ve tried the ‘iframebgcolor=’ property and in FF no matter what colour I set for that it appears transparent (great, the background colour of the page shows through which is what I want) but on IE the white border remains no matter what colour I choose.
    Secondly I have to remember to watermark each of my images before uploading – isn’t there a way of adding a watermark to the pictures automatically? Or does your script work with another WP plugin that adds a watermark?

  361. Hi traveller and Blake,

    I can’t get rid of the white space of about 15px on the right and underneath my iframes.

    You can set the amount of pixels in the file config.php. If you reduce that to zero and change the CSS a bit (hint: overflow:hidden) you can get rid of the white space.
    Regarding the watermark: this plugin hasn’t got a feature to add something like this to an image but there should be no conflicts with plugins that do this.
    @Blake: please have a look at this: it allows you to add custom links to each and every image in your gallery.

  362. Hello Christian,
    Thank you so much for your efforts. Being fairly new to WordPress coding, unfortunately I cannot get Smooth Gallery to function properly. Adding images into posts just doesn’t work for me (see example http://interactus.dk/wp/?page_id=281). I am content to use Smooth Gallery with NextGen Gallery, which works when I put the shortcode in the top of the page. BUT I would really like to link gallery images to posts rather than to the image itself.
    I have read your piece on that, but I dont get it. I don’t have the option of adding “Smooth Gallery links” in the media library…? Any help would be greatly appreciated – regards, Ulla

  363. Bouterige Guillaume

    I try to used the plugin but I don’t understand….
    Where must I put the [smoothgallery] into the content?

    It’s so difficult cause I’m not good on PHP…

  364. Hi Bouterige,
    you don’t need any knowledge of PHP to get this working. Just have a look at the getting started section above and place the shortcode into the content of a post or page where you’d like the gallery to appear. Just give it a try and change the location of the shortcode in your content to see the changes.

  365. Error: Please Help!

    Warning: There is a bug on JonDesign’s SmoothGallery 2.0 that shows the carousel on a blank frame with the options: arrows: false; carousel: true; links: true;

    I have GoDaddy for hosting, and use WP 2.9.2…my smooth gallery is not so smooth, the top 1/3 shows godaddy in the background.


  366. Hi Christian,

    is it possible to reorder the sequence of the images after I have published my gallery? In the post/page there is the smootgallery window with the div containers, but this part is not editable.
    Greetings Eckhard

  367. Hi Christian,

    I love how easy it it to use with WordPress, and so smooth and slick.
    The example you have at the top of your page doesn’t have the lightbulb with links. I would like to do this with mine too, but having trouble removing the links. Just wondering if you can give me any tips.

    Thanks for the good work.


  368. Hi Christian,
    I have added a smoothgallery to a new page, using the K2 theme. I have noticed that when enabling embedlinks in shortcode, I lose the image altogether, it loads the page I’m trying to link within the iframe… http://pinelandbakery.com is the site. Any suggestions?
    Oh, here’s my shortcode:

    [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=468 height= 302 imgsize=468×302 frameborder=0 iframebgcolor=EAE8DB scrolling=yes marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 timed=true delay=5000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=true showInfopane=true embedLinks=false]

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  370. Hi Christian,
    first of all thanks for the great work!
    I have a problem with the dir field for the widget. No matter what folder I specify, it just doesn’t show any images. Tweaking the config.php doesn’t help either. Is there anything obvious I could have done wrong?
    Thanks a lot in advance,

  371. Brian – I’m not sure if you’ve resolved your problem but I’m also using GoDaddy’s hosting and was having a problem with the carasel feature until I looked at the documentation again.

    ” Generated thumbnails
    If you’d like to use the carousel feature of SmoothGallery you’ll have to either generate thumbnails yourself or use the plugin to do this for you: just set ENABLE_GENERATED_THUMBNAILS in the file config.php to true. Furthermore make sure that the directory cache under smoothgallery/extra is read/writable by the webserver. ”

    Works great now! Thanks Christian for the great tool. You all are awesome for helping me put my website together.

  372. I’m trying to find the best and easiest solution for showcasing galleries as slideshows and I came across your plugin. However, as WP Gallery management is not the best tool around, I decided to use NextGen. It’s a pity your script can’t use NG database. I know guys at http://uninuni.com/wordpress-plugin-nextgen-smooth-gallery/ have one that uses NG, but their doesn’t seem to be so streamlined. Besides, it doesn’t automatically resizes photos for slideshow – as your does. Do you plan to integrate your plugin with NG?

  373. Hi Rafa?,
    I’m currently planning to improve the plugin but integrating it with NextGen hasn’t been on my todo list so far. I’m aware of the fact that some people miss the one or the other feature in the media library that comes with WordPress – keeping things clear and orderly being the most difficult part.
    I must say that I use my plugin on a lot of different pages and both my clients and me haven’t got a big problem managing the images. Even with a few hundred pictures on one page everything is okay so far – the trick is to attach the images to certain posts/pages so nobody gets confused in the first place.
    That said, I haven’t got a real need to integrate the plugin with NextGen. Since a lot of other people like this piece I might think about adding support for NextGen galleries sooner or later; I can’t tell when I’ll find the time for this.

  374. Hi, I got php 5.2 but I still don’t manage to get my picasa album onto my page, It either shows a php error or a white box (if I use any of your settings like size or similar).. I have edited the php-file and I’ve tried with the test-album provided in the rss-phpfile

    any hints?

  375. I have a problem with how fast the smooth gallery comes up. I only use it for 2 groups of pictures, each group no more than 6 pictures. Each picture has been thinned out, yet the smoothgallery takes a considerably longer time to load than everything else on the page. I have tried using several cache techniques, but no joy. Please advise what I can do to speed up the loading of my two smooth galleries.

  376. Hi David,
    that depends on how you’ve added the SmoothGallery to your website. In case you’ve chosen to integrate it inside an iFrame there’s nothing special you can do to speed it up; in fact iFrames are pretty bad when it comes to performance. If you’ve inserted the galleries more or less manually – e.g. according to the description here – you should have a look at Yahoo’s guide Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site; the sections Put Stylesheets at the Top and Put Scripts at the Bottom can be really useful here.

  377. Sorry if I was misleading, but I have two smoothgallery instances each one being on a separate page and each one with less than 6 pictures. I manually added up to 6 pictures and neither of these are in an iFrame.

    The entire site comes up quickly, with the exception of smoothgallery instances, which take between 2 and 10 seconds to come up after the entire rest of the page, including flash objects and other pictures, have come up.

    If there is no way to speed its coming up, can you give me an example on how I can embed a picture come up behind where smoothgallery is supposed to come up so when it does come up the uesr will simply think it is a bad transition instead of just seeing a ton of whitespace?

  378. Hi David,
    I guess you’ve put pretty large images – filesize wise – into the gallery which need to be downloaded. Maybe I state the obvious here but you should make sure that:

    1. the width and height of every image is set according to the dimensions of the gallery.
    2. the images are compressed using PNG or JPG.
    3. your webserver uses caching techniques, i.e. sends an Expires and Cache-Control header or uses ETags.

    With all this in place you can make the gallery loading faster; configuring your webserver won’t have any positive effect on first time visitors though, if you just use the things stated above.
    If you want to hide the gallery until it’s finished loading the images, I think you’re better off asking this some JavaScript guru with some time on his hands, at Stack Overflow or the community in the forums over here.

  379. Unfortunately, I have done all of what you recommend with the exception of contacting a JavaScript guru. The pictures have been dropped from hi-res 250mb down to 8bit 32mb and still no joy. The thing is I have no issue using smoothwall under Joomla, this is only an issue under WordPress.

    What about putting up a picture underneath the area that smoothgallery exists?

  380. Hi Christian, I have a site that I was having some issues with visual editor, and just narrowed it down to smoothgallery being the culprit!
    Here’s the shortcode I’m using:
    [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=468 height= 302 imgsize=468×302 frameborder=0 iframebgcolor=EAE8DB scrolling=yes marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 timed=true delay=5000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=true showInfopane=true embedLinks=true]
    I figured the iframe would prevent issues like this.
    Any ideas?

  381. Hi David,
    I’ve had issues regarding the visual editor as well and I’ve heard of many people complaining about problems. This is due to the fact that the visual editor might replace or reorder some of the HTML elements – since SmoothGallery relies on a certain structure of the markup for the gallery the editor might break it. If you’re using the iFrame feature, the editor can’t change the HTML and so the gallery is working because the plugin generates the correct markup.
    I recommend deactivating the visual editor if you’re working on a page that contains a SmoothGallery.

  382. Thank you Christian,
    I actually have done that; but any new posts or pages are without the visual editor as well. I use the visual editor sometimes when creating a html rich graphic for a widget.
    Is it possible that not using the iframe feature may cure this?

  383. I am totally confused and a very unskilled amateur in the ways of WordPress, PHP, CSS and HTML.

    My pictures are in a nextGen gallery.

    I have
    [smooth=id:4; width:640; info:true; carousel:true; useReMooz:true] although I only added useReMooz, because I thought it may solve my problem.

    All I want is for my pictures to be resized and not centre cropped. My originals are 1280 x 960 and I would like to view them at 640 x 480 or 480 x 640 resized, depending on orientation.

    Is this possible ?


  384. how to enable the galleryset feature of smooth gallery from the admin panel…?
    Please help.

  385. How to enable the galleryset feature of smooth gallery from admin panel?
    And show multiple galleries at a time….?

  386. Hi babin,
    this plugin hasn’t got an admin panel and I guess you’re using the SmoothGallery extension for NextGen gallery. If the latter is the case please ask the respective authors for help. As I said, this plugin doesn’t support gallery sets right now; please have a look at my other reply to your comment for alternative solutions.

  387. Hi,

    Thank you for the pluing.
    Can you please let me know how to configure the plugin to scale the photos when showing them?
    For example to ensure that a 1600*1800 photo shows correctly in a 1024*768 gallery?


  388. Hi Sarah,
    the plugin doesn’t scale the images at all and I recommend using the functionality that comes with WordPress instead. Please have a look at the media settings page in the backend and adapt the configuration to suit your needs; e.g. insert 1024 and 768 into the input fields for the medium image size. Then use the imgsize attribute along the shortcode to advise the plugin that it should use the images with an alternate size instead.

  389. Hi Christian-

    I am trying to get smooth gallery to work with my site, but the problem I have is that my drop down navigation menus which are located in the upper right of the screen drop down underneath the smooth gallery frame. I have tried editing the .css file by hand to change the z-index but then when I rezip the files and upload it to wordpress I get the following message: “Sorry, NextGEN Smooth Gallery works only in Combination with NextGEN Gallery” even though both NextGen and NextGen Smooth Gallery are both installed and active.

    Your help and advice would be appreciated to fix this.


  390. Hi Christian,

    I’ve got a problem with only the first slide showing, is there anything you know of that causes this?

    it was working perfectly and I haven’t changed a thing, I upgraded wordpress a few days back though, could that have mucked it up?.

  391. I should also mention, that the caption and the link for the pictured do work, just not the image… thanks for your help,


  392. Hey Christian happy to report it’s fixed… I deactivated all my plugins and then reactivated them again… jQuery lightbox was also activated but not in use, and when I deactivated it smoothgallery worked again… must have been interfering?

    Thanks for the great plugin,

  393. I have same problem as belinda, Lightbox 2 plugin stops the Smooth Gallery is there any way to fix it?

  394. Hi Belinda and Kris,
    since jQuery isn’t that compatible with SmoothGallery you can either remove jQuery from those pages with a SmoothGallery or put the gallery inside an iFrame; depending on your site the latter is most of the time the more convenient solution.
    Lightbox in particular uses PrototypeJS which too is incompatible with SmoothGallery. The same solutions apply here as well.

  395. Hallo Christian,

    hast du eine Idee wie man die Schriftart und Grösse verändern kann in der unteren Leiste (Bildbeschreibung) die eingeblendet wird. In Deinem Beispiel ist die Schrift recht gut zu erkennen.
    Bei mir ist nur die obere Zeile OK, die darunter ist zu klein und kaum lesbar.

    Auch ist mir aufgefallen, das je nach Browser (in meinem Fall IE / Firefox) der Font anders interpretiert wird.

    Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar.

    Grüsse Uwe

  396. Carousel below image?
    Hi Christian,
    Can you put the carousel below the image with your plug in? I don’t want it overwriting the image at all.

    Secondly, what are the advantages/disadvantages of using Nextgen? [I understand you developed the smooth galley plugin without nextgen].

  397. Hi Sean,
    regarding the carousel please have a look at this thread; try accessing it via Google’s cache if it doesn’t load on your end either.

    It’s been a while since I tried NextGen and I haven’t used it since then so I can’t say anything special about its current status. The major advantage of NextGen seems to be advanced features to organize and edit images. During all the years I didn’t need anything more what was offered by a stock WordPress installation, so this wasn’t an advantage for me. Of course that’s just my point of view but I wanted to use as many features already present in WordPress. That’s basically the reason why this plugin doesn’t support other image management plugins but just the functionality that comes with WordPress – following the DRY and KISS principles. There may be disadvantages as well: dependency and performance being the most prominent ones.
    In the end it highly depends on your use case and if some tool – whether this may be NextGen or any other plugin – helps you accomplishing what you’re trying to do faster, I would recommend using it. If that’s not the case just drop it and use something else instead.

  398. Hi!
    I am trying to figure out how to create the text below the maintext.

    ex.: On this page, you have a picture with the text “Bergpark – Bridge” and the bottomtext is “Another stunning picture.”

    How do I insert the “Another stunning picture.”-text ?

  399. Hi MAGNUS,
    this is simply the description of the image. Go to the media library, click on the edit link next to the image in question, enter a description, click on save and the plugin will pick up what you’ve entered.

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  401. Hi,

    Ive tried out from time to time, but it still doesnt work for me.
    I insterted the code in post content and upload imgs, when i click on save and publish, it did show all the imgs in the page but not consist in a slide show.

    Did i missed out any step or got the wrong setting??


    THanks a lot!

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  403. I can get Flickrusername to work, but not Flickrphotoset. Do you need both user and photo set names, or just one, or is there a photoset trick. I renamed the photoset to just one name, without spaces. Thanks!

  404. Hi Marsha,
    the corresponding code in the plugin should work and I’ve tested it but it isn’t really production ready yet, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t work for you right away.
    If you’re supplying flickrphotoset you’ll have to add flickrusername as well. Unfortunately, you can’t just add the name of the photo set if I remember correctly but only its ID. Your set should have a certain number associated with it and supplying that in the shortcode should get you better results.

  405. Hi Gigi,
    I’ve just had a quick look at the link above but basically you’ll have to apply the changes to the relevant files that come with the plugin, i.e. the JavaScript and CSS. Furthermore, you’ll have to supply the necessary parameters via the custom field or inside the shortcode to get the behavior of the SmoothGallery just right.

  406. I was using your plugin all over this website (for example: http://parsonscreativecafe.com/?page_id=88). I’ve taught the client how to update the website and I’m wondering if they somehow broke something as now all the slideshows only show the loading bar forever. I have deactivated, deleted and reinstalled the plugin and I still only get the loading bar. when I try adding a new slideshow to a new page, I can’t even get the slideshow to appear. (http://parsonscreativecafe.com/?page_id=79). It was all working great at one point. Any ideas you have would be much appreciated.

  407. Hi Kelly,
    first off the theme seems to be broken: wp_head() and wp_footer() are called twice. That may be the reason the JavaScript might be kaput. Furthermore the pages above include jQuery which may be incompatible with SmoothGallery in some cases – maybe you should use the iFrame feature to work around this.
    If the images won’t load it might be an issue with the web host. It has been reported to me numerous times that the images kept loading forever and this was caused with their webhost’s webserver setup; mod_security or similar may be the root cause here.

  408. Hi Marco,
    this plugin doesn’t resize images because WordPress can do this for you. Just go to Settings – Media, adapt the dimensions for medium or large images, use the imgsize attribute in the shortcode and the gallery will use the scaled down versions of your images instead.
    This doesn’t necessarily make the plugin worthless but you just have to use the features already provided by WordPress.

  409. But I don’t want all my images resized to 400×400 throughout all the multitude of galleries I have outside the plugin. I just want to use this plugin for one entry, that is all.

    In other words, I guess I’m a noob and I need to know how to use the imgsize attribute inside the code. when you push “generate code” shouldn’t it already be incorporated?

  410. How do I simply change the black background to white or gray?
    I don’t see the css files for smooth gallery anywhere. thanks in advance for your help.
    I’m in wp 3.0.

  411. Hi Scarlet,
    if you’re using the iFrame feature, you can simply set the background color with iframebgcolor in the shortcode; you can read more about that above. If you prefer editing the CSS files, you can find them in the plugin’s directory in the css folder.

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  413. Hi Christian. I am enjoying the plugin very much. One potentially stupid question. For the simplest slideshow, I add my images to the post, and enter the shortcode, then /delete/ the actual images when I am finished? Er, otherwise I have a page full of the images /and/ the slideshow. If so, is their a visual way to reconstruct the slideshow order after that point?
    Thanks for your hard work.


  414. Oh sorry, I see now, it’s that’s slightly odd “gallery attached to a post” wordpress thing. It’s all working for me, I just need to muck around it with it some more until I understand. Thanks!

  415. Hi Lucy,
    it’s great to hear that you got this working by yourself. Basically, you just have to upload the images but don’t have to add them to a post: the shortcode will do this for you, generating the slideshow.

  416. Hi David,
    I’ve just checked the page and SmoothGallery isn’t included on that page. In fact, it isn’t active on any page by default if you don’t manually activate it. The lightbox effect is working just fine on my end.

  417. Hey there Christian, figured my issue out… perhaps this may help someone else troubleshoot an issue! I use the plugin pb-embedFlash for playing flash videos, and there was an option:
    “Load Shadowbox by default even if there is no flash content displayed, e.g. to make it available for gallery plugins? ”
    I disabled that, and all is well! Flash videos, lightbox 2, and smoothgallery are all working fine, and dandy!

  418. Adding the iframe option does not work correctly in my frame. I simple see the iframe structure but there is nothing populated into the iframe header and body – surely you need to reference the relevant CSS and JS in the iframe body yo call the smoothgallery option to make it work ?


  419. Awesome plug-in Christian, thanks for making it available.

    I am trying to find a listing of “all” options and not having a lot of luck.

    For starts I want to change the color and font of the panel that slides over the image. I was able to change the opacity using:
    slideInfoZoneOpacity: 1.0

    Do I have to make this change in the css? Or is there an option?

    Also I see no current way to exclude some media while including other media, is that true? I want to insert another image into the page … do I have to put it elsewhere to use it without triggering inclusion?


  420. Hi Data Wrangler,
    basically you can use all of the options that come with SmoothGallery plus a few more. If you want to have a look at them all, simply open the file utils.php and have a look at the first function: it contains almost everything interesting. All that may go into the custom field named smoothgallery or as attributes in the shortcode.
    Regarding the inclusion/exclusion of images, you’re right. This feature isn’t implemented right now and you’ll either have to put the image into another post or construct the HTML for the gallery manually; if you want to opt for the latter, there’s a box on the edit screen for a post/page that helps you getting started with the markup.

  421. I went ahead and created a private post, added my other photos to that, then included them in this post thus getting the best of both.

    Eventually it would be nice if you could check off which photos to included and even assign a sort order for display.

    Still awesome plug in. I found the opacity and then found the css that applied the color and got it how I would like it now.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  422. Hi Data Wrangler,
    one neat trick: the sort order applied to the attached images of a post/page through the standard WordPress gallery will be used in the SmoothGallery as well.

  423. New Year Greetings Christian!
    I have a wordpress site that uses smoothgallery on the front page, and I changed the size of the photos this morning, and can’t quite seem to get it working correctly.

    This is the shortcode I’m using:
    [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=500 height= 333 imgsize=500×333 frameborder=0 iframebgcolor=EAE8DB scrolling=yes marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 timed=true delay=5000 fadeDuration=500 showArrows=true showInfopane=false embedLinks=false]

    the pictures are all 500×333 (well, a few are 500×375)
    I checked display full size in gallery settings.

    Any ideas on why it appears that smoothgallery is cropping the images the way it is??
    Thank you!

  424. Hi David,
    a happy new year to you as well 😉
    The plugin selected images with a size of 500×198 pixels because this seems to be the dimension that gets as close as possible to the value given in the imgsize attribute. If you’d like to change that you could either adapt the imgsize attribute or tweak the settings in the backend under Settings – Media and change the dimensions of the images there; in the latter case you’ll have to re-upload all the images though.
    Remember, the plugin doesn’t crop the images in any way, it’s all about setting imgsize correctly and providing images with the right dimensions in the first place; you don’t have to do the latter manually but could just use the functionality that comes with WordPress which automatically creates various versions of uploaded images with different dimensions.

  425. Thanks Christian, so…. the images are actually 500 x 333; and since the imgsize attribute is set to the same, I am guessing I need to try the second suggestion. I will try that. I am still a little uncertain where it pulled the 198 figure from though. How did you find that?

  426. Hello David,
    I’ve just had a look at the markup generated by the plugin for the SmoothGallery and it said that it was using images with these dimensions. I don’t know your exact settings under Settings – Media for the different sizes but I guess you might have put 500 by 198 into the thumbnail section – this way WordPress would create images that are cropped to this exact size, resulting in the images you now have. Again, that’s just a guess.

  427. Hi David,
    okay, let me explain. When you upload an image WordPress automatically creates various versions of it for you according to these settings, i.e. a thumbnail version, a medium and a large sized version. This is a convenient way to create smaller versions of an image that either fit into the width of your theme or into a SmoothGallery. Say, your theme or SmoothGallery is only 500 pixels wide. You would, e.g., set the width of the medium size to 500 pixels, making sure that you always end up with a smaller variant of your image that’s just this wide.
    If your SmoothGallery is 500 by 333 I would recommend filling these values into the medium size setting. Experiment with these settings and you’ll see that it’s fairly easy and super helpful. Just keep in mind to re-upload your images every time you change these settings.

  428. Hi again, final update on this…. I increased the size (of my original photo) several times, then started bumping back down as close to my shortcode settings, and it seems to work fine; just giving the appearance of cropping the photo, as you explained. if I resize the photos about 5 pixels larger than my markup, it seems to work fine. So, ultimately, trial and error seemed to work, thank you for the advise Christian!
    This is still my fav plugin for wordpress!

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  430. hi,chris,i found this plugin doesn’t work with pictures which is stored on external hosts,such as the godaddy hosting space,is any solutions?

  431. Hi qiaoqiao2009,
    this might be due to anti hotlinking measures implemented by GoDaddy. If that’s the case there’s not much you could about it but upload the images in question directly to your WordPress blog or ask somebody at GoDaddy to allow hotlinking these particular images.

  432. Hi Christian,

    when adding a SmoothGallery link; I want to have the target=blank function, and found your note about changing the javascript. I am using smoothgallery 1.15.1 but I am guessing you refer to Jon’s smoothgallery ver. ?

    Don’t you have to change the reference to the new beta ver of js somewhere? I could not find the note on that!

    Thank you!

  433. I found it:
    lines 43-46 of config.php file:

    #define(‘SMOOTHGALLERY_VERSION’, ”);
    #define(‘MOOTOOLS_VERSION’, ”);
    define(‘SMOOTHGALLERY_VERSION’, ‘2.1beta1’);
    define(‘MOOTOOLS_VERSION’, ‘1.2’);

    had to move the # down the the beta vers. and comment out the others as I have done above!

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  435. I’ve been using your plugin on our site for awhile and like it. The site is on Website Baker, but we’re thinking of moving it to WordPress. How difficult would it be to import our smoothgallery work from Website Baker into WordPress. I’ve looked at the two databases, and they seem very different in how they’re dealing with smoothgallery.

  436. I’m having issues on how to use your own directories.
    i have put this in the config, where am i going wrong?

     * Expects an integer that references a particular directory in the array
     * $dirs. This is used along with the shortcode's attribute "dir".
    function getImageDirectory($dir) {
    	# You may add more directories to the array
    	#$dirs = array(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../'.get_option('upload_path')); # won't work with iFrames
    	$dirs = array(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../wp-content/uploads');
    	$dirs = array(dirname(__FILE__).'/images');
    	# You don't have to edit below here...
    	if (!is_numeric($dir)) return NULL;
    	if ($dir > count($dir) - 1) return NULL;
    	return $dirs[$dir];


  437. You didn’t say anything about the error you’re seeing but everything looks fine so far. In case you’ve got a directory images in the plugin’s directory under wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery the plugin will be able to find your images if you’re adding dir:0 to the shortcode.

  438. Great Plugin! A question though. I am trying to manually specify the upload path. I’ve got a problem with the same code as leanne is describing. The dir=0 function works, but the dir=1 results in an empty gallery, even if the upload path is the same

  439. Hi Emile,
    in fact the code above from Leanne was problematic because the variable $dir was set to a certain array and overwritten with another array on the next line. I guess what Leanne meant to write was something like the following:

    $dirs = array();
    $dirs[] = dirname(__FILE__).'/../../../wp-content/uploads';
    $dirs[] = dirname(__FILE__).'/images';

    This results in an array containing the one and the other path.
    In case dir:1 doesn’t work in the shortcode one should make sure that the path in the array is present – obviously, the plugin can’t find the images otherwise.

  440. I think there was a small but vital error in the plugin code.
    rule 91 said:

    if ($dir > count($dir) - 1) return NULL;

    while it should be:

    if ($dir > count($dirs) - 1) return NULL;

    An ‘s’ was missing 🙂 Also in your reply there should be no )Now it’s working.

  441. Hi Emile,
    you’ve found a bug, thank you 😉 I’ll try shipping the correct code with the next release. Regarding the parenthesis you’re correct as well; I’ve changed the example above.

  442. Thanks for a great plugin 🙂 My brother Eduard is the real bug detector here 😉 I don’t understand quite as much from it as he does. Have a nice day!

  443. Hi Christian,

    I have installed your plugin and plan to use the shortcode to pull pictures in from Flickr, as such I have followed your instructions to enable flickr and added the API/secret keys.

    I then put the basic shortcode in to my page and got the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class phpFlickr in /home/content/w/e/s/wessimpson/html/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/extra/phpFlickr/phpFlickr.php on line 44

    Any help will be much appreciated!

  444. Ignore the previous comments, I found that the problem was a conficting plugin.

    I am however finding that the shortcode “flickrphotoset” doesn’t pull anything in and this is the function I desperately need… can anyone offer any help?

    Website: http://wessimpsonphotography.com.previewdns.com/?page_id=9 (the current gallery is using “flickrusername” and is working as intended)

  445. Hi Nick,
    I haven’t tested the functionality of the photo set lately but most of the time users provided an incorrect value for the flickrphotoset – this may be the case here as well and the reason no images are retrieved from Flickr.
    I suggest trying different variants here. I know it’s not that user friendly and I’ve put it on my todo list for a future release to improve this issue.

  446. Hi,
    My website utilize redpoint theme with smooth gallery default, the problem is when open the website and the image and text don’t load correctly
    this is my weblink, http://www.bayarea.it if possible to help me
    thks you in advance

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  448. Hi, I would like to use your smoothgallery on my website. I have one on their at the moment which conficks with tinymce. I am sure it will do the same as what on the website now – showing descriptions et.

    Is there some code i need to put into my home.php in wordpress to get this working?

    Many thanks for your time – looking forward to using the plugin

  449. Hi Alan,
    if you’re using this plugin you can either use the widget and place it into a sidebar – depending on where you’d like the put the gallery you may have to add a sidebar to your theme – or simply use the shortcode with the iframe attribute. This will prevent any conflicts with other JavaScript frameworks.

  450. Hi all .. Im having a major problem with this plugin – I dont believe I have changed anything, but the last two photosets I’ve put up (from nextgen gallery) .. the whole library loads, but then after a few seconds you can no longer view any of the images

    you can see it on the recent photo posts here – http://www.invurt.com

    We’re a high traffic site, and these photo sets are one of our top posts .. and I cant, for the life of me, though I’ve tried, work out what is going wrong =/

  451. hi christian !
    i was wondering if i can turn off the smooth gallery on some specifics pages ? is there is a code or something i could write in some pages to disable the gallery, and keep it active on some others ?
    thanks in advance for your answer, and thanks again for this greeeeeeat plugin !

  452. Hi Jeremac,
    by default the SmoothGallery is only available on those pages you activate it on by either including the shortcode with the iFrame feature in the content, via the widget or by adding a custom field named smoothgallery to a post or page. So you don’t have to worry about disabling it on some of your pages: if you don’t include it in a page it won’t be there, it’s that simple 😉

  453. Hello,

    I get the following message

    Warning: opendir(/www/coreevoyage_com/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/../../../) [function.opendir]: failed to open dir: Permission denied in /www/coreevoyage_com/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 649

  454. I must be doing something wrong. Please forgive me but I am just a beginner and can’t figure it out.
    I go to a page, upload a gallery there, then where do I have to insert the shortcode [smoothgallery] ? Under the gallery I just created ?
    Thanks a lot for your help

  455. Hi Felix,
    if you haven’t got the correct permissions for a directory you can simply use FTP to change that. Most of the time this can be done using a certain property or info dialog for the directory in question to correct the read/write permissions.
    After you uploaded some images you don’t have to insert the images into the content of a post or page nor include the gallery that comes with WordPress itself. Simply add the shortcode in the content where you’d like to display the gallery.

  456. Hello again,

    I am having problems to add different galleries to the same page. I tried the id page attribute but only the images attached to the current page are showing.
    Here is my shortcode :
    [smoothgallery id=informations-pratiques iframe=1 height=250 showInfopane=true]

  457. Hi Felix,
    instead of the slug you should provide the actual ID of the post or page in question, e.g. a number like 4711. You can find this number by editing a post or page and checking the number after the parameter post in the address bar of your browser.

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  459. hi again ! thanks a lot for your answer on displaying the gallery where i need to. i now have a problem with the links (i don’t really know if it’s the way to call it : the bulb that appears in the center of an image and shows a large version of the pictures when it’s clicked). i tried to use the short code l:false, either links:false, either links=false… everything, and the link keeps on appearing. do i write something wrong ?
    thanks in advance for your answer.

  460. Hi Jeremac,
    in case you’re using the shortcode you’ll have to write embedLinks=false; the short versions like l or links don’t work right now in the shortcode.

  461. Hi,

    What a great plugin!
    Thanks for your effort.

    One question: I want the images to be 720 x 480 px. I can get the gallery set to that size easily, but haven’t been able for the last to days to figure out how to set the size of the images themselves. No matter what I do, they remain 600 x 400.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  462. Hi Aernout,
    before uploading any images you should go to Settings – Media and, e.g., adjust the size of the medium images to the desired size, i.e. in your case 720 x 480 pixels. Once you’ve done that you can upload images and WordPress will automatically create variants of your images in the configured sizes; only works for newly uploaded images by default. All that’s left to do is to select the correct size in the gallery using the imgsize attribute, e.g., imgsize=720x480 inside the shortcode.

  463. Hi I am trying to use this plugin but having installed it when I go to my media library to place images in a post I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /web2/user21720/website/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on line 298

    I have tried this with the beta 2.1 version too but get the same result. Regards

  464. Hi Leo, Poser,
    @Leo: this might be a bug in the plugin and I’ve put this on my todo list to investigate it further. Unfortunately, I can’t tell when this will be fixed.
    @Poser: with some changes the plugin could make use of timthumb and would be ready scaling the images. It has been a design decision not to include such a feature in the plugin but I’ll definitely consider this for a future release.

  465. Hi Chistian,

    Can you help me sort out a problem I suddenly started having? I made a site off-line, everything went perfect. After uploading it to go test-live, somehow the plugin fails. When I check the content of the frame with Firebug, it appears the body remains empty…


    Any idea what could cause this to happen, and how I can fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

  466. I found the solution to the problem described above: it was caused by a migration, which led to wrong paths in NextGen Gallery. I re-installed that plugin, and now all is back to normal… 🙂

    Another quick one: is it possible to make the Slideshow inside the Widget clickable?

  467. Hi Christian,
    Suppose I have a page, with a smoothgalley using shortcode and want to add an additional image that doesn’t end up in the smoothgallery. Is there a means of excluding an image from showing up in the rotation?

  468. Hi David,
    unfortunately, there isn’t an option to exclude images from the gallery yet. A simple but effective workaround would be instead of uploading the special image – that shouldn’t appear in the gallery – to the given post or page, upload it simply via the media library – this way my plugin won’t pick up the image since it isn’t attached to the current post or page. Adding the special image to the post or page is still easy: click on the insert image icon and select it from the media library.

  469. If you’d like to use Flickr make sure to supply your API key (FLICKR_APIKEY) and secret (FLICKR_SECRET) as well.

    what is an API KEY, and flickr secret? thanks.

  470. Hi Echo,
    please have a look at the Flickr documentation. You can learn the ins and outs of the Flickr API there and you’ll learn what an API key, secret and whatnot is all about.

  471. Hi Christian,
    Setting up a new “sister site” for one that I have a gallery running on, shortcode s being used on a page with dimensions of width=576 height= 432
    The images I noticed using firebug are being re-sized to 576 x 288…. where do I need to look for the place to adjust that incorrect height?
    Thanks! David

  472. hallo christian,

    das plugin “TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner” hat in deiner resizer.php problematischen code nach dem juengsten hackerangriffen gefunden nachdemzufolge damit hacker zugang zur seite bekommen. magst du das vielleicht korregieren? dann können wir alle schnell die neue sichere version kopieren. danke dir.

  473. Is there a way to link images already contained in media library to the post page so that smoothgallery picks them up as being linked?

  474. I have enabeled the carousel and it appears as it should but the thumbnail containers are empty, there is no pics/thumbnails there. How can I solve his? I have made the cache folder writable and I changed the generate thumbnail code in the config.php to true.

  475. Hi Sebastian, Christopher, Mats,
    @Sebastian: the current version of the plugin (1.15.2) comes with the most recent version of TimThumb which shouldn’t be vulnerable to any security issues the mentioned plugin found.

    @Christopher: you can use the attribute id followed by a post ID in the shortcode to tell the plugin to use the images attached to the given page/post instead of the current one. If the images simply aren’t attached to a post, attach them to the current post or a page/post of your choice.

    @Mats: in these cases check out the HTML code generated by the plugin and search for the img tags pointing to the thumbnails. Open these links and make sure that a thumbnail is returned. Most likely a certain error message is returned and you should be able to fix this. If you simply get a blank page ask your hosting company whether they’re using the Apache webserver and enabled mod_security, it’s likely that this module blocks the links used to resize the images for the carousel.

  476. Hi Christian thank you for your great plugin.
    My question is how do I alter the z-index of your gallery so that my fixed navigation bar can remain at the top most when I scroll the site. At the moment your gallery obscures the fixed bar. I can’t see what I need to alter.

    Thanks again in advance.

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  478. Hi Christian:

    Thanks for your work! I have read several users asking for a resize capability. Even if wordpress have one, I’m using Picasa web albums with some large pics, and need this feature, as I cannot resize all the fotos on Picasa and, correct me if I wrong, Picasa only has one thumbnail size that the plugin is ignoring. I think if you add that, your plugin will rocks on the Picasa/Wordpress users!

  479. Christian: After looking some examples of Shashin plugin, I found the parameter in Picasa that permits resize the image on the fly, called imgmax. So, the problem is solved. Maybe you can update your documentation on the picasaweb section and tell this little tip to other PicasaWeb and SmoothGallery users. This parameter will resize the image coming from Picasaweb album to fit on the frame of SmootGallery. An example follows:

    [smoothgallery iframe=0 width=640 height=480 embedLinks=false
     timed=true delay=6000 bordercolor=fff imgsize=640x480

    Great work, Christian!

  480. After reading all this I am still not sure how to display several galleries on the same page. I have two sets of photos that I want to display in two separate galleries on the same page. Putting in the shortcode for a second time doesn’t display a second gallery and further photos added just go into the original gallery. Can you help?

  481. Hi Tom,
    this is how you do this:

    • upload the first set of photos to a page
    • upload the second set of photos to another page; this may be just a placeholder, you don’t necessarily have to publish it.
    • insert the shortcode on, e.g., the first page, use the attribute iframe=1 and adjust the gallery to suit your needs.
    • insert the shortcode once again, use the attribute iframe=1 again and add the ID of the second page to the shortcode, e.g. if the page ID is 42 you’d add id=42 to the shortcode.

    This way you’ve got two independent galleries. Adding images to the galleries is as easy as uploading them to one of the two pages you created.

  482. Hi Christian:

    I have updated the plugin some days ago and now I have this problem:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_picasa_images() in /home/granig5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/utils.php on line 420

    Do you have some idea about the solution for this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

    Regards & Happy New Year,


  483. Hi, thanks for the plugin.

    I’d like to use it to show Flickr images, but I can’t find out how to make them large. I mean really large like 1000px wide.

    Thanks for your help!

  484. Hi Sylwia,
    unfortunately, I don’t know very much about all the details of Flickr. That said, I can’t tell how to grab the large image. My best idea would be to create the SmoothGallery by hand, i.e. insert the markup that you can normally find in the SmoothGallery box on the post/page edit screen and change the URLs to the images to the large images on Flickr. As a last resort you might import the images in question into WordPress, attach them to the post/page you’d like to show the gallery on and simply use the shortcode that comes with the plugin; don’t forget to set the dimensions of the gallery accordingly.

  485. Hi Christian –

    Question – I have the gallery working but want to add change and image or remove images and start over, but I can not edit any of the code in the smoothgallery section at the bottom of the page. How do I remove or edit this code?

    Thanks, Mark

  486. Dear Mark,
    the SmoothGallery box on the edit screen of a certain post or page is just there for you convenience if you want to insert the HTML code into the content yourself. Instead of doing this I recommend using the shortcode, letting the plugin generate the necessary code for you.
    If you’re using the shortcode simply add or remove image to the current post/page as you like and the gallery will change accordingly. There’s no need to change the SmoothGallery – simply uploading new images and attaching them to the post/page with the gallery will do.

  487. Dear Tim,
    using the shortcode and the iFrame option you can create multiple galleries on a single page. Adding the dir attribute to the shortcode and referencing the directories, that you added to the config.php file should do the trick. This way you can have multiple galleries with different directories on a single page.

  488. I did this [smoothgallery iframe=1 width=400 height=266 embedLinks=false timed=true delay=6000 imgsize=400×266 dir=/images] but nothing shows up, it’s just blank.

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  490. JD’s SmoothGallery has a gallery-set option. How can I insert a gallery-set into my WP site using this plugin (if possible without having to manually insert the code for each gallery/image element)? Thanks.

  491. Dear Nellie,

    unfortunately, this feature isn’t supported at the moment if you don’t want to insert the HTML markup yourself. I’ve got this on my todo list for quite a while and can’t tell when I’ll find the time to implement this but until then I recommend inserting the markup yourself – it’s actually not that hard and the documentation on JD’s page is pretty good.

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  493. Dear Christian, thanks you for this great plugin. I meet some issue with Smoothgallery : the website and the plugin, on local, are working great. BUT BUT BUT, on the web ( http://oasp.fr/about ) the plugin is very very very slow, and the pictures are not showing (unless there is 1 or 2 pictures, even if their weight is about 50ko). The script seem to find some issue to reach the goal.

    Does other people met this issue ?



  494. Dear Nicolas,
    apart from the fact that I could not find a SmoothGallery on the page you were referring to it is true that due to the JavaScript that needs to be loaded and executed for SmoothGallery the website might be loaded already and the gallery appears with a little offset of normally nothing more than a second.
    According to your description the time until the gallery is showing up seems to be considerably larger. In some cases this behavior is influenced by the webserver’s configuration; with Apache the module mod_security in particular.
    This is just a hint and the reason why the gallery is loading so slow can be all kinds of stuff. I hope you can figure it out somehow; debugging the website in Firefox with the Firebug extension checking the exact statistics how the elements of the page are being loaded helps.

  495. Hi Christian, I’m having a similar problem as Nicolas mentioned. For some reason when I moved my site from it’s test server to the current one, the delay before smoothgallery loads went from about 2s up to 20s.

    I can’t seem to figure out what might be causing this. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time

  496. Dear Andy,
    as I wrote in my answer to Nicolas I can just guess what might be causing this. Most likely this isn’t something regarding WordPress or the plugin itself but an issue with the web server’s setup. Since you’ve switched to another server try checking out whether it’s running as smoothly as expected.

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  498. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for all your hard work. On the front page of my website, I have a slideshow where each image is a link to another page or post. Currently, clicking on the image opens the link within the iframe.

    I looked at your FAQ and found the new code to replace some of the plugin files. However, they don’t seem to make any difference. I should note that I don’t have access to the server itself and only have access to the WordPress backend. So I edited the JavaScript by going to the Plugin Editor and copy/pasting the code you gave into the corresponding JavaScript file. Nonetheless, clicking the image in the slide still opens the link within the iFrame.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  499. Dear Ernest,
    I’ve just tried this myself and it’s working perfectly. Try using FTP access to your web server, upload the file and everything should be working just fine.

  500. Christian,
    The plugin does not seem to be working in wordpress 3.4.1. I have not changed any settings other than upgrading to the newer version of wordpress. The slideshows are now just blank on the screen. You can see the dimensions of where the slideshow should be since there is a gap where the slideshow was, but nothing I have tested got the plugin back to working. Any ideas?

  501. Hi Mike,
    the plugin should be compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. Are you using the iFrame feature? Try checking out the HTML source code of the iFrame and make sure that no error popped up there.

  502. Hi Mark,
    the only part that’s taking so long is downloading the HTML content – once that’s been completed, downloading the other elements like the images, CSS and JavaScript takes virtually no time.
    I can only guess what might be slowing this down. You should make sure that it isn’t the database, since the rest of the website loads pretty slow as well. Maybe WordPress can’t retrieve the necessary information from the database in a timely manner.

  503. Thanks Christian,
    I haven’t really noticed the rest of the site being slow. Less than 1sec for most pages, 17sec for the smoothgallery page.
    I run my own virtual server with the site and database and do not know what to look for on the database ( I ran”optimise ” but reports ‘optimise is not available, carrying out recreate’)
    I have also installed the quick cache plugin. but still very slow on http://www.seascouts.org.au/wp/join-us-2/recruiting-ads/
    Any other recommendations gratefully received, as I search for a solution.
    Thanks Mark

  504. Hi Mark,
    since I’m loading the website from Germany it might just be a bit slow on my end – for example, the front page takes about eight to ten seconds to load. The page with the SmoothGallery needs over twenty seconds which is definitely way too long.
    If you want to debug this further the following comes to mind:

    • reverting back the iFrame feature and simply inserting the gallery into the page as is. Make sure that you don’t run into JavaScript library incompatibilities
    • installing a plugin like Debug Queries to gain insight regarding the communication with the database
    • try disabling security plugins for WordPress or certain modules like mod_security for Apache to make sure that they don’t fiddle with the iFrame

    I hope this helps you.

  505. Hi Ianp,
    the short answer is that you can but you should not. Simply try a Google search how to prevent right clicks on images and the same applies for the SmoothGallery as well.
    Instead of doing this I would suggest to apply a proper license to the images you want to show and maybe watermark them so even if somebody copies your images breaks your license and thus can be sued for that matter.

  506. Hello Christian,
    I am extremely new to WordPress and your PlugIn. I have followed the steps outlined however my photo’s show up as if they were blown up and they do not transition without me clicking on the arrows. I have tried adding the code in custom fields but it doesn’t work. Please help!
    Thank you,

  507. Hi, I recently updated to wordpress 3.5 and the resizing of the image stopped happening. Is it because of the compatibility issues? how can I fix this? thank youuuuu


  508. Hi eahn,
    can you tell me how exactly the resizing of the images worked? Can you give me an example of the shortcode you’re using or the settings in the custom field named smoothgallery?

  509. this is my shortcode:
    [smoothgallery iframe=1 height=533 width=800 timed=true border=false embedLinks=false showInfopane=false imgsize=800×533]

    here’s the link to how it shows up


    this code is working though,
    [smoothgallery iframe=1 height=400 width=600 timed=true border=false embedLinks=false showInfopane=false imgsize=600×400]


    Don’t really understand why some works and others don’t?

    I thought imgsize was supposed to resize the images? now I’m kind of confused…

  510. Hi eahn,
    the attribute imgsize doesn’t really resize your images but just selects the images according to the given dimensions and if the exact dimensions aren’t present the ones that come closest. That said, you have to set the desired dimensions under Settings – Media in the WordPress backend and the upload the images so they get resized during the upload process by WordPress itself. After that everything should be working just fine and I can’t tell right now why some galleries work while others don’t.
    Since I can’t find neither an iFrame nor a SmoothGallery under the given links I can’t debug this any further and I hope you can bring it back to life by yourself again.

  511. Hi James,
    if you don’t want the images in your slideshow you can edit the HTML markup and replace the images with something else that you would like to display in the slideshow. The SmoothGallery was made to display images though but it might be possible to display something else; maybe this needs adjusting the JavaScript as well.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never tried that before and can’t give you any in-depth advice here.

  512. Hi Christian, sometimes slideshows don’t load and it says “internal service error” but not all the time, so not sure what this is caused by?

  513. Hi eahn,
    do you have access to the webserver’s log files? If so, simply issues a request and when it comes to the error check out the error log of the webserver to see what’s causing this. Most of the time you can find hints in the documentation of the webserver pretty easily and remove whatever is causing this behavior.

  514. Hi Christian, I was digging through the error log files but didn’t find much. I disabled some web security options and added set_time_limit(0) to the wp configuration file, but I’m still seeing the error- it’s actually gateway timeout error(visitor said internal server error, but I haven’t seen that yet). I find it strange because I only get it on slideshow whereas the rest of the site loads fine. Could it maybe having too many images in the slideshow?

  515. Hi eahn,
    if it says “Gateway timeout error” the script might be loading too long and times out eventually. That said, the slideshow might indeed contain too many images. Even though I’ve never had this issue I recommend removing images from the gallery to see whether the error goes away.

  516. yeah I think you are right. Everything else loads fine, there is nothing wrong with the server, and when I make slideshow with fewer images, it loads pretty instantly and there is no extended waiting time that often leads to gateway timeout. Thanks for your plugin and tech support 🙂

  517. Hello! I’ve installed the smoothgallery plugin, and it mostly works, except the slide show has all the images zoomed way in, so you can only see a small part of the image!

    Help please! 🙂

  518. Hi Joshua,
    try using the imgsize attribute for the shortcode to select the images in the correct size. You can read more about that in the help section above. Once you’ve done that ideally the size of the SmoothGallery matches the widht and height of the images.

  519. Well, I think I spoke too soon saying it was working. When I try to use the “shortcode” [smoothgallery], and also add the custom field shortcode = On, the plugin doesn’t see to work at all. I can get it to work with that zooming only when I copy the code from “smoothgallery” section down below on the edit post page. It should work without doing that, right? By just putting the images on the page and then putting in the shortcode?

  520. Hi Joshua,
    you’re right: Inserting the shortcode and adding the custom field should be just enough to get started. Keep in mind though that by default the shortcode will pickup the default variants of the image, i.e. just the one you uploaded without any resizing applied. If you would like to select smaller versions generated by WordPress you’ll have to add said attribute (imgsize) to the shortcode.
    If the shortcode isn’t working at all you can try removing the custom field and adding the attribute iframe to the shortcode instead.

  521. Wow, thanks for being there and trying to figure this out with me. I really want to use your plugin, I like it as it integrates so nicely with the post editing page.

    I tried removing the custom field and adding an iframe attribute to the shortcode, and still all I’m getting is a horizontal line and ALSO all the images are just showing up as usual in the post. 🙁

  522. anderen Weg gibts nicht? die Bilder pro Post auszulesen und im Theme dar zustellen? Ist nen Custom Theme ohne Sidebar & Widgets 😉

  523. Hi Sven,
    da das Einbauen einer Sidebar so extrem leicht und in wenigen Minuten gemacht ist, habe ich genau in diesen Fällen immer den Weg gewählt. Im Plugin selbst habe ich keine besondere Funktion dafür vorbereitet, aber wenn Du dir den Code in den Dateien smoothgallery.php und utils.php anschaust, dann kannst Du sicherlich eine der Funktionen direkt aufrufen. Als Einstiegspunkt kannst Du dir zum Beispiel smoothgallery_shortcode() anschauen.

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  525. He Christian, I think I managed to create a slideshow but when I go on the page, it’s loading, loading, loading…. there is a circle who goes round and round, and the slideshow never start. What can I do?

  526. Hi z,
    if you’re entering the configuration via a custom field abbreviations might not work. That said you should use width instead of w, height instead of h and thus delay instead of d. This way the given delay should work as expected.

  527. thank you for your previous answer and i have 2 more please:
    1) is it possible to create a gallery with random image show ? how can i do this with custom field ?

    2) is it possible to re-use photos i already uploaded in previous posts ? or i need to re upload every time ?

    thanks a lot for the support ! really great

  528. Hi z,
    regarding your questions:

    1. it isn’t possible to randomize the order of the images in the gallery with the plugin alone. In this case you would need some PHP code that outputs the HTML for the gallery which outputs the images in random order.
      Update: it is possible! Use, e.g., randomize=1 in the shortcode.
    2. see the id attribute for that matter.
  529. Hi Christian. I have a couple of questions (although i am not a WP expert – I use the CMS at work to update a site built by someone else)

    1) I’ve just updated the plugin to 1.15.6. Previously, i could build a gallery from my media library (if i added content to a post and then deleted, it appeared in the gallery). This no longer seems to work. Is there a different way i should be doing this? I was never sure this was the right method anyway!
    2) Is there a way to delete images from a gallery without deleting from the media library.



  530. Hi Jon,
    basically you add photos to a gallery by uploading images directly to the post / page the gallery should be on. When you use the shortcode in your content then the plugin automatically uses the images from the current post / page by default. If you stick to this pattern – one gallery per post / page and images uploaded to those posts / pages – you don’t have to worry about how these images are administered in the media library.
    Right now the plugin doesn’t have an exclude feature which means that you really have to delete images that shouldn’t be in the gallery anymore or at least detach the images in question from the post / page with the gallery.

  531. Hi Christian Schenk, when using :

    [smoothgallery randomize=1 ...]

    It is making the images random, I think you should add this to the documentation.

    I have one last question, is it possible to show thumbnails like here; look at top right of the gallery. I did not found how to enable this option.

  532. thank you christian for all the great help. i have one more question please.
    my client is complaining that it takes to long for the page to load. it seems as if all the photos of the gallery are downloading and only then the slider starts.
    i am using IFRAME option with RANDOM show.

    is there anything that can be done ? (if i will switch it from iframe maybe it will load differently ?)

    thank a lot for everything !

  533. Hi z,
    there are two options that may speed things up:

    1. move the JavaScript in the head section of the generated iFrame content; right now it’s in the footer. This way the JavaScript should be executed when the page gets loaded, show a loading images progress bar while the images are loaded in the background. This requires tweaking the PHP code of the plugin though.
    2. reduce the number of images in the gallery and optimize the images for a good quality/size ratio.
  534. Christian, thx for your reply of Oct 7th.

    I have another couple of questions…

    1. Is there a way to add images that are already in my media library to a new gallery, rather than upload again – I want to avoid having multiple copies…or is there no way around this?
    2. Is it possible to have two different galleries in the same post containing different images?

    Thanks again.

  535. Hi Jon,

    1. if you uploaded the images to a different post / page you can use the id attribute in the shortcode to use the images from that other post or page. Without editing the HTML markup yourself picking individual images and adding them to the gallery isn’t possible right now but planned for a future update.
    2. you can simply use the shortcode [smoothgallery] with the iFrame feature and the id attribute to use images from different posts or pages and display them on the same page in two or more galleries. If you want to have full control over this you can of course insert custom HTML into your website / theme – see my post on how to do this here.
  536. hi, i changed:
    add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘add_smoothgallery_js’)

    add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_smoothgallery_js’)

    but this still don’t add a loading images to my gallery. can you please guide me some more on how to do this ?

  537. along with my previous message, i moved :

    in the file (utils.php) to the header of the iframe. but don’t see any loading indication.
    and the “carouselPreloader: true,” is on.

    how can i enable some kind of a loading indication on iframe ?

    thank you

  538. Hi z,
    if these changes don’t make any difference this may be related to the way how browsers handle iFrames. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to resolve this right now but would have to make a few tests as well. I suggest you setup a simple test page which just holds the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for SmoothGallery and try to change this sample page to see what changes result in which behavior. Checking out the details of SmoothGallery and how it’s set up might help you debugging this.

  539. Hi Christian,

    I am runiing WP 3.6.1 and something has recently ‘broken’ with your plug in, it effects the media library and the only clue i can find is that deactivating your plug in fixes the issue, i get this notice if i look at an image in the media library,
    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘image_meta’ in /home/galumayc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on line 298

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘smoothgallery_link’ in /home/galumayc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/smoothgallery/smoothgallery.php on line 298

  540. Hi Christian,
    Couple of questions.
    I migrated the site from my localhost on MAMP to the server. Obviously the links to the pictures were wrong. I tried deleting the short code, then putting the pictures back on the page from the library, then reinsert the short code. I get a message that says no pictures linked. Can’t figure out how to get around this.

    Also how do you add new pictures to an already existing gallery?

  541. Hi Rick and Mike,
    @Rick: I just released an updated version (1.15.7) of the plugin which should fix the issues you describe. Thanks for the hint!
    @Mike: most likely you’ve uploaded the images via the media library directly and thus they aren’t associated with the post where you added the shortcode. Either associate the images with the post in question or upload the images via the “Add media” link when editing that particular post. If you then want to add images to a gallery simply upload the images to the post and they will automatically appear in the gallery.

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