WordPress ShowHiddenDIV Plugin

Helps you to reveal some content that is hidden to the user when the page loads. This may help you to keep your site small and concise – if the user wants more information all he has to do is click on the corresponding link. Really simple.

You can download the plugin here.


Click on the link to reveal the hidden content.
[shd text=”How does this work?”]It’s as easy as that.[/shd]


After installing the plugin add a custom field named showhiddendiv with its value set to a non empty string – e.g. 1 – to the page you’d like to use the plugin on. Once you’ve done that the CSS and JavaScript will be include in the page.

Next, use the shortcode shd to generate the markup for the hidden div. On this page I used the following:

[shd text="How does this work?"]It's as easy as that.[/shd]

Extra notes

If you’re super smart you might have noticed that the plugin relies upon CSS and JavaScript and won’t work if those features are deactivated. After all, since you’ve even considered this plugin you don’t design websites for people that deactivate CSS and JavaScript, right?! Anyway, those people will just see the content all at once.