WordPress Hierarchical Navigation Plugin

This plugin helps you to embed a simple hierarchical navigation menu and breadcrumbs into your site. Simply place the corresponding widgets in your sidebars and you’re all set. It’s also possible to configure the widgets to manipulate the appearance of the menu or the breadcrumbs.

You can download the plugin here.

Hierarchical Navigation menu widget

Drag the Hierarchical Navigation widget into a sidebar and change the configuration as you see fit. To give you a better understanding of the different options the following table lists their purpose:

titleThe title that appears above the menu; e.g. Pages or Navigation.
start_idInstead of showing all the pages starting from the root (id is 0) you can specify an ID here which will be used as the root of the menu, i.e. showing just the specified sub tree of your page hierarchy.
depthSets the maximum depth of the menu hierarchy.
excludeExcludes the IDs – comma separated list – from the navigation hierarchy.
title_liThese tags will be placed around the title. Read more about title_li on this page.

Breadcrumbs widget

As with the hierarchical navigation menu widget you can just place this widget into a sidebar and adjust the options. Here’s an overview of the settings:

titleThe text that appears in front of the breadcrumbs, e.g. You are here.
separatorThis will be placed between the breadcrumbs.
top_titleIn case your homepage displays an overview of your posts, we’ll use this text in front of the breadcrumbs.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Hierarchical Navigation Plugin”

  1. Hey, this looks great, exactly what I need, except for one detail: on a multilingual site with polylang, the correct hierarchies are shown, but both languages! This is not the case for the original wordpress pages widget. Do you think maybe this compatibility could be added in a future version? that would be great!

  2. Hi Tristan,
    unfortunately, I have never used polylang and don’t know any of the inner workings of the plugin so I wouldn’t consider adding a compatibility update to my plugin; I haven’t got the time right now to check this out in more detail myself.
    But if you want to give it a go yourself – or another developer you know – you should start tweaking the SQL query in the function hiernav_get_postpage_ids so it just selects the posts associated with the current language.

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