WordPress Dashboard Helper Plugin

This plugin should help you to get things done fast. More likely than not the first page you’ll see is the dashboard and it can not only present interesting information, it can help you to navigate faster. Although the main menu is very concise and will do a very good job to, say, get you to your latest posts, wouldn’t it be great to reach a particular post with just one click? Wouldn’t it be nice to directly edit the latest image without navigating to the Media Library, identifying the image and clicking on Edit?

Since this list might go on forever I decided to come up with a small plugin that presents interesting links to your content on your dashboard. I gave it a generic name – Dashboard Helper – because I currently don’t know where this might lead; so for now lets leave it like that. Maybe this will become my collection of useful dashboard widgets.

You can download the plugin here.

Dashboard widgets

Currently, there are only two widgets but maybe I’ll add more in the future. Basically, just install the plugin and configure the widgets to suit your needs.

Recently Changed

This widget displays the most recently edited posts or pages. The number of items in the list can be configured and you can decide to include drafts and not only published posts too.

This is how it looks in action, showing four posts:

Recently Changed widget

Scheduled Posts

Shows you all the scheduled posts. Comes in really handy if you don’t want to run out of posts for the future.