On this page you can find all the tiny things I released to the public. They are categorized into projects, utilities and tests. While projects need a certain size to be called a project, utilities are small, neat things that help you with a very specific task. At last there’re the tests I wrote: pieces of code that test a new technology or just an idea.

If you’re searching for everything WordPress have a look at this page.


WordPress ThickBox Plugin
This WordPress plugin helps you to embed ThickBox into any post or page
WordPress SmoothGallery Plugin
This WordPress plugin helps you to embed JonDesign's SmoothGallery inside your blog
WordPress ShowHiddenDIV Plugin
This plugin helps you to reveal some content that is hidden to the user when the page loads.
WordPress List Posts with Custom Field Plugin
This plugin provides a shortcode that displays a list of posts with a certain custom field.
WordPress jQuery UI Slider plugin
WordPress plugin that either allows you to display your four most recent posts or the four latest WP e-Commerce products in a slider.
WordPress Hierarchical Navigation Plugin
This plugin helps you to embed a simple hierarchical navigation menu and breadcrumbs into your site.
WordPress Comment fix Plugin
This plugin makes sure that comments with an eMail address equal to one of registered users has got the correct user id set.
WordPress BibSonomy Plugin
This plugin helps you to embed BibSonomy in your WordPress blog
Confluence BibSonomy Plugin
This plugin helps you to display your BibSonomy tags, publications and more in Confluence
This tool helps you to export your BibSonomy posts into other social bookmarking sites like, Mister Wong, Furl, you name it


WebChangeMonitor monitors any resource on the web for you: websites, news feeds, you name it...
Checks your bookmarks from BibSonomy and for broken links
This tool helps you to generate HTTP requests with custom referrers
CharacterCounter is a tool written in Java that helps you to count characters contained in text files and to print statistics


Performance comparison between Groovy and Java
Presents a test that compares the performance of Java and Groovy code in several use cases
Comparison between Guice, PicoContainer and Spring
This post shows my comparison of Google Guice, PicoContainer and Spring
Performance tests for introspection of JavaBeans
Tests the performance of the Java Introspector class
AOP with AspectJ
This post is about AspectJ and why you might want to use it every day
Testing web applications with Jetty
Shows how to deploy and test your servlets with Jetty - everything inside a JUnit test
Webservices with Hessian and Burlap
How to develop web services with Hessian and Burlap
Logging with AspectJ
This post shows how to add logging to your application with AspectJ
Profiling with AspectJ
This post shows how to profile applications easily with AspectJ
Singletons with AspectJ
Although I wouldn't recommend it this post shows you how to implement the Singleton-Pattern with AspectJ 5
Java Bean mapper performance tests
Performance comparison between Java Introspector, Commons BeanUtils, Spring BeanUtils and Dozer
Caching with AspectJ
Shows how to use AspectJ and annotations to implement a simple cache that speeds up your application
Iterating over the characters in a string
Evaluates the fastest method to iterate over the characters in a string with Java
Friday the 13th with Joda Time
Presents Java code that uses Joda Time to find the next Friday the 13th dates.
Hot math: twin and sexy prime numbers
Shows some Java code that helps you to find groups of prime numbers, i.e. pairs of twin primes, triplets of sexy primes and so on.
Changing the order of letters in words
Even if the order of letters in words is changed just slightly you will most likely be able to read the text without much problems.