Summary of new BibSonomy tools

I used the last few weeks to tidy up some of my projects. So recently, I put together these addons for BibSonomy:

Here’s a short summary of these projects.

WordPress BibSonomy plugin

This plugin for WordPress lets you display a tag cloud or list on your blog. You can have a look at the examples here.

Currently I’m developing an API for PHP which makes it a snap to create posts on BibSonomy programmatically. The API will be part of this plugin so you’ll be able to easily post your blog entries to BibSonomy.

Confluence BibSonomy plugin

I’ve promoted, installed and used Confluence since 2004 and always wanted to write a useful plugin for it. This plugin introduces two macros: one that displays your tags as a cloud and another that lists your most recent publication posts. You can have a look at the examples.


You want to synchronize your bookmarks from BibSonomy to or some other social bookmarking site? This plugin helps you to do this.

Currently you can trigger these actions:

  1. get all your bookmarks from BibSonomy’s webservice and post them to via their API
  2. export all bookmarks from BibSonomy into the Netscape Bookmark file format

This way you’re able to migrate your data from one site to another or back to your browser’s own bookmarking system.


In my opinion, I’ve put together some useful tools for BibSonomy. I’ll try to develop more features for them and I’ll keep on posting updates here.