How to pretend having an iPhone

Quite some years after the iPhone was introduced it still seems that everybody wants to have one to send email messages. But what if you just can’t afford it? In this short post I would like to show how to setup your email client so it looks like you were sending these messages from your shiny iPhone. It’s easy, quick and fun.

How to

We’ll change your email signature in a way that tells people the message was sent using an iPhone. It doesn’t matter which email client you’re using: while Apple Mail is great, using Outlook will be okay as well.

Open your email client’s configuration menu, find the part that lets you change your signature and enter the following text into the input field:

Sent from my iPhone

Click on save and make sure that the signature will be used when writing new emails or replying to the ones from your friends.

Although you don’t really have an iPhone everybody will be impressed that you sent him/her a message with your cool gadget.


Sure, if the one you’re sending an email is a geek I bet he’ll find out that you didn’t really send the message with an iPhone in no time. Nevertheless, most people won’t be able to notice this but just think that you’re the proud owner of an iPhone.

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  • How to avoid meeting people in real life so they don’t notice that you haven’t really got Apple’s latest hardware.
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9 thoughts on “How to pretend having an iPhone”

  1. Lolz! Nice trick. But I would stick with my Nokia N86 😛

    One question!

    How will someone know it wasn’t from iPhone? Isn’t it just a line of signature?

    P.S. – I do own it 🙂

  2. Hi Ashfame,
    if you have a look at the mail header you’ll notice the user agent (X-Mailer) line that says something like iPhone Mail. In case you’re using Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook and just fake the signature, the corresponding line in the header contains the name of these mail clients instead. Well you could fake this too but who’s got so much time to waste?
    If you’ve got some time to kill do a Google search on “x-mailer iphone“: lots and lots of rumors and funny reads out there 😉

  3. This is awesome, and I love the “NOT” sent from an iPhone sig. Say no to fads and hype! Especially one kiddies go nuts over.

    How about this sig:
    Sent from the Droid that replaced my defective iPhone 4.

  4. ist das zufällig eine Anspielung auf die email ??? ICH HATTE ES LEDIGLICH NOCH NICHT AUSGESCHALTET 🙂


  5. Nein, ist schon okay. Ich hatte etliche E-Mails bekommen, in denen diese Signatur vorhanden war und da ich irgendwo gelesen hatte, dass jemand wissen wollte, wie er denn vorgeben könnte ein iPhone zu haben, machte ich mir eben den Spaß daraus und hab diesen Beitrag geschrieben.

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